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Stereoscopic Displays and Applications XVIII (2007)

This area contains a wide range of information about the 2007 Stereoscopic Displays and Applications conference:

Conference Sponsors:         REAL D             NuVision by MacNaughton Inc.
  IMAX             NVIDIA

Projection Sponsors:     JVC North American R&D Center     Colorlink     Christie     DepthQ

The photo album is open for you to see:
 - The Conference (Keynote, People, Equipment)
 - The Demonstration Session
 - The SD&A Dinner
 - Discussion Forum

The Conference Program lists the papers presented and the timing of the various sessions.

Some pages from the Conference Proceedings are available online:
- Contents Listing
- Preface (Introduction)
- Committee Listing

A review of the 2007 SD&A conference appeared in the July/August 2007 edition of Stereo World

You'll need to buy the conference proceedings to access the papers presented at the conference.

These sections and others are available by clicking on the buttons on the menu at the top left of this screen.

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Stereoscopic Displays and Applications conference

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