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The Engineering Reality of Virtual Reality

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The Engineering Reality of Virtual Reality III

Advance Program

Technical Conference 2653B
Friday 2nd February 1996
Published as part of the IS&T/SPIE Proceedings Vol. 2653-Stereoscopic Displays and Virtual Reality Systems III

Part of the IS&T/SPIE Symposium on Electronic Imaging: Science & Technology
The San Jose Convention Centre, San Jose, California

The Engineering Reality of Virtual Reality III

Conference Chairs:
  • Mark T. Bolas, Fakespace, Inc.;
  • Scott S. Fisher, Telepresence Research, Inc.
Program Committee:
  • Steve T. Bryson, NASA Ames Research Ctr.;
  • Jim Humphries, Sterling Software, Inc.;
  • Henry A. Sowizral, Boeing Computer Services

Demonstrations of Stereoscopic Display, VR, AR, and Remote Presence Technologies

Thursday 1 February 2:20 to 5:00 pm


  • John O. Merritt, Interactive Technologies (3D)
  • Mark T. Bolas, Fakespace, Inc. (VR)
Interactive demonstrations of hardware platforms and display content to support presentations given in the conferences "Stereoscopic Displays and Applications VII" and "The Engineering Reality of Virtual Reality III."

Tools and Analysis

Friday 2 February, 1996
SESSION 7 .... Fri. 8:05 am to Noon
Chair: Jim Humphries, Sterling Software, Inc.

  • Electronic Mimosa,
    S. Gupta, M. S. Datta, S. Grover, V. Rana, National Institute of Information Technology Ltd. (India)
  • Off-axial HMD optical system consisting of aspherical surfaces without rotational symmetry,
    H. Hoshi, N. Taniguchi, H. Morishima, T. Akiyama, Canon Imaging Research Ctr. (Japan); S. Yamazaki, A. Okuyama, Canon Lens Products Development Ctr. (Japan)
  • Force feedback and virtual reality systems,
    L. B. Rosenberg, Immersion Corp.
  • Evaluating visual and auditory enhancements to a virtual target acquisition task,
    K. Nemire, Interface Technologies Corp.
  • Physiological approach to optimal immersive game programming: a technical guide,
    W. L. Martens, Headspace; R. McRuer, C. T. Childs, E. Viirree, J. E. Williamson, Virtual I/O
  • Improved temporal response in virtual environments through system hardware and software reorganization,
    R. H. Jacoby, Sterling Software, Inc.; B. D. Adelstein, Western Aerospace Labs.; S. R. Ellis, NASA Ames Research Ctr.
  • Virtual audio server,
    H. Fouad, J. K. Hahn, The George Washington Univ.
  • VR + AI = intelligent environments: a synergistic approach to engineering design support,
    C. J. Darken, Siemens Corporate Research; R. Darken, Naval Research Lab.
Lunch/Exhibit Break

Tools and Applications

SESSION 8 .... Fri. 1:30 to 5:00 pm
Chair: Henry A. Sowizral, Boeing Computer Services

  • Lessons on using VR as a new medium (Keynote Address),
    R. Pausch, Univ. of Virginia
  • Frontiers in user interface design: wearable computers,
    M. R. Clark, Apple Computer, Inc.
  • Real-time race tracking systems by 3D graphic rendering,
    M. Yamaji, Questec Inc. (Japan); T. F. Stinson III, Questec International Inc.
  • Sculpting 3D worlds with music,
    C. Greuel, M. T. Bolas, N. Bolas, Fakespace, Inc.
  • Validation and verification of a virtual environment for training naval submarine officers,
    D. L. Zeltzer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; N. J. Pioch, Bolt, Beranek, and Newman, Inc.
  • Engineering applications of virtual reality,
    J. R. Smith, R. V. Grimes, Bell-Northern Research; T. A. Plant, Bell-Northern Research Europe Ltd. (UK)

Panel Discussion .... Fri. 5:00 pm

VR as a Medium: Evolving, Maturing, or Mutating?

Moderator: Scott S. Fisher, Telepresence Research, Inc.

Panel Members:

  • Mark T. Bolas, Fakespace, Inc.
  • Randy Pausch, Univ. of Virginia
  • Jim Humphries, Sterling Software, Inc.
  • Henry A. Sowizral, Boeing Computer Services

Related information:

The Engineering Reality of Virtual Reality Conference is held in close cooperation with The Stereoscopic Displays and Applications Conference.

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