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Photo Album of the
Stereoscopic Displays and Applications IX (1998) Conference

The Dinner

For the past few years we have organised an informal dinner to allow all authors and attendees to socialise in a more relaxed atmosphere. This year we again sampled the delicacies of the Bo Town Chinese Restaurant in downtown San Jose.

Pictured (clockwise from front left) are:
Scott Fisher (Telepresence Research) (Conference Co-chair),
Hakan Lennerstad (University of Karlskrona/Ronneby, Sweden),
Mel Siegel (Carnegie Mellon University),
Lenny Lipton (StereoGraphics Corporation),
James Tam (Communications Research Centre, Ottawa, Canada),
Shojiro Nagata (Japan 3D Forum/Intervision, Japan) (conference committee),
Miho Hoshino (Sanyo, Japan)
Pictured (clockwise from front left) are:
Michael Weissman (HIT-lab, University of Washington) (conference committee),
Nobuyuki Suzuki (Other Systems Inc, Japan) (?),
Vince Power (NuVision Technologies Inc.),
David Qualman (NuVision Technologies Inc.),
Don Sawdai (University of Michigan).
Pictured (clockwise from left) are:
Phil Harman (Xenotech Research, Australia),
Graeme Street (Solid Vision Ltd.),
John Merritt (Interactive Technologies) (Conference Co-chair),
Vivian Walworth (Rowland Institute for Science),
Andrew Woods (Curtin University, Australia) (conference committee),
Gunnar Sacher (University of Oregon),
John Crawford (Vista Medical),
David Mark (The Planetary Society),
? (Vista Medical),
Lowell Noble (QD Technology),
Dick Young (General Motors),
Brad Nelson (QD Technology).
Sorry to those people whose names I can't remember. If you know a name for a face which isn't listed, please drop me a line.

All photographs © 1998 Andrew Woods.

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