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The 2016 SD&A Demonstration Session

The SD&A Demonstration Session has run every year since 1990. The symposium-wide event is open to demonstrators from all of the Electronic Imaging conferences.

Demonstrations at the 2016 event relevant to SD&A topics included:

  • Bjorn Sommer from Monash Univ. (Australia) and CELLmicrocosmos (Germany) used a zSpace 3D monitor to illustrate the 3D cell visualisation software that he and colleagues have developed and shown in the CAVE2 room-size 3D visualisation system at Monash University.
  • David Fattal from LEIA 3D (USA) demonstrated their full parallax, 64-view, diffractive 3D display. LEIA 3D's technology, the subject of much interest in the display community since a 2013 Nature piece about its roots at H-P Labs, combines a custom waveguide and a backlit LCD display to produce multi-view 3D imagery in color. Similar in some ways to integral photography displays, the waveguide's array of diffractive patches directs the light from collections of pixels to various viewing zones.
  • Shyam Kannapurakkaran and Barry Rothstein from the LA 3-D Club (USA) demonstrated "Sandbox" - a small-table size standalone 3D viewer for pop-up (phantogram) stereoscopic photographs, video and interactive media. The imaging modality and the device are designed to stimulate play, creativity and learning.
  • Tim Macmillan and his team from GoPro (USA) demonstrated the GoPro 360° 3D camera array which uses 16 GoPro cameras and captures content which can be uploaded to the new YouTube 360° 3D channel.
  • Gordon Wetzstein and his colleagues from Stanford University and NVIDIA showed their light field stereoscope demonstration. The head-mount prototype uses a two layer display design to implement focus cues for the viewer.
  • Margaret Dolinsky and Chauncey Frend from Indiana University showed a hand-crafted virtual environment called "Figuratively Speaking" which is an immersive, interactive virtual reality art environment based on a series of paintings featuring figures that appear predominately as faces. The hardware platform to showcase the virtual environment was an Oculus Rift DK2 plus fans and heaters to diversify the experience.

SD&A demonstration session
GoPro 360 camera rig and Google Cardboard viewers

An album of SD&A 2016 photos including many from the demonstration session is available on Flickr:

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