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The 2017 SD&A Demonstration Session

The SD&A Demonstration Session has run every year since 1990. The symposium-wide event is open to demonstrators from all of the Electronic Imaging conferences.

Demonstrations at the 2017 event relevant to SD&A topics included:

  • "Volume" - a volumetric display from Looking Glass Factory (Shawn Frayne)
  • "The NEW" 3D Map software (Stephan Keith and Andrew Woods)
  • The zSpace 300 display and associated 3D software from zSpace Inc (David Chavez and Elizabeth Lytle)
  • Space Map running on a zSpace 3D display (Björn Sommer)
  • The GoPro Omni and Odyssey multi-camera 360 rigs (Andrew Ganzon and Tim MacMillan)
  • Eric Kurland was also seen walking the exhibits with his Ricoh Theta stereo-pair and a Samsung Gear VR headset

SD&A demonstration session - zSpace
Elizabeth Lytle demonstrates the zSpace 300 display to Margaret Dolinsky
at the SD&A 2017 Demonstration Session

An album of photos from SD&A 2017 including many from the demonstration session is available on Flickr:

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