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The 2020 SD&A Demonstration Session

The SD&A Demonstration Session has run every year since 1990. The symposium-wide event is open to demonstrators from all of the Electronic Imaging conferences.

Demonstrations at the 2020 event relevant to SD&A topics included:

  • Nicholas Routhier from Mindtrick Innovations Inc. (Canada) demonstrated CubicSpace – a software solution for ‘proportional, comfortable and universal’ capture and display of stereoscopic content. The software was demonstrated using a Lenovo Mirage VR180 3D camera, a RokIT IO Pro autostereoscopic 3D phone, and also a PC version of the software running on a laptop in anaglyph 3D.
  • Bernard Mendiburu from Varjo (Finland and USA) presented the brand new Varjo XR-1 head-mounted-display which is an industrial grade VR/AR/XR device combining a very high resolution display with an amazing video-see-through experience.
  • Eric Kurland from 3-D SPACE (USA) demonstrated the 8” Looking Glass Factory lightfield autostereoscopic 3D display with stereoscopic x-ray imagery created in the J. Paul Getty Museum's radiology laboratory, and also photographed new 3D content for the Looking Glass using a Weeview SID stereoscopic camera and processed using the Stereo Photo Maker software from Masuji Suto in Japan. Audience members were keen to see themselves in 3D on the Looking Glass Display.
  • Bjorn Sommer from Royal College of Art, London (United Kingdom) demonstrated - as an example for Immersive Design Engineering - the LITHO, an Augmented Reality 3D interaction device which was paired with an iPhone during the demo session. The development of this device was initiated by Nat Martin during his Master studies on Innovation Design Engineering at the RCA/Imperial College London.
  • Andrew Woods from Curtin University (Australia) demonstrated the steak cooking VR simulation for spinal cord injury rehabilitation purposes on an Oculus Quest HMD, and the 360˚ 3D short film “Impact: Beyond the Night Sky”.

SD&A 2020 demonstration session.  Andrew Woods and Justus Ilgner appear in 3D on a Looking Glass autostereoscopic 3D display on the 3-D SPACE stand.
One of the displays at the 2020 Demonstration Session:
Andrew Woods and Justus Ilgner appear in 3D on a Looking Glass autostereoscopic 3D display on the 3-D SPACE stand.


An album of photos from SD&A 2020 including many from the demonstration session is available on Flickr:

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