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Photo Album of the
Stereoscopic Displays and Applications XII (2001) Conference

The Conference

This page provides snapshots of a few moments at the Stereoscopic Displays and Applications conference.

[Click on each image for a larger view]

This year's Keynote presentation was presented by Jeff Kleiser from Kleiser Walczak Construction Company ( Among other stereoscopic work, his company produced the stereoscopic computer graphics for the Spider Man ride at Universal Studios Florida. [Pictured: Jeff Kleiser and Steve Benton]. Please refer to the conference proceedings preface for more information on the keynote.

This panorama was taken during Jeff Kleiser's keynote presentation.

[Pictured: Left image from left side: Jeff Kleiser, Steve Benton, Brad Nelson, Scott Major, and a tonne of 3D equipment in the background. Right image: Brad Nelson with the 3D Black Screen.]
This year we were again able to display high quality large screen stereoscopic video images thanks to the help of Brad Nelson from Nelsonex and also the staff from Spectrum AV of Denver, Colorado (special thanks to Scott Major) for general AV hardware and support. Equipment used for stereoscopic projection included: "3D Black Screen" non-depolarising rear-projection screen (Nelsonex), a large silver lenticular screens (Spectrum AV), two SXGA LCD projectors (Spectrum AV), two QD7000 video line doublers (Nelsonex), one QD1200 video field demultiplexer (Nelsonex), one DV120 3D Video standards converter (Curtin University), one multistandard SVHS VCR (Spectrum AV), two Betacam SP video decks and edit controller (Spectrum AV and Nelsonex), two 35mm projectors stacked vertically on a chieftan rack (Spectrum AV), Dual video output PC (David Mark, Mark Resources), 3D VGA Demux (Curtin University), polarizers (John Merritt) and miles of cable.

© 2001 Lenny Lipton
"Look at That! It's jumping out of the screen!"
Steve Benton in a rather animated and comical moment.
© 2001 Lenny Lipton
Daniel Sandin and John Merritt.

© 2001 Lenny Lipton
Jeff Kleiser with the equipment used for stereoscopic projection of 35mm stereo-pair slides.
© 2001 Lenny Lipton
Lawrence Kaufman and Andrew Woods.

Lawrence Haines and Steve Hines.
John Merritt and Steve Hines.

Michael Georgoff, Steve Berezin and David Lee at the National Stereoscopic Association stand on the Photonics West exhibition floor.
Lenny Lipton signs a copy of the music for Puff the Magic Dragon for Lawrence Kaufman.

A small group enjoy some previews of footage to be shown at Monday night's screening session.

All photographs © 2001 Andrew Woods or Lenny Lipton.

Pictures with the glasses logo ( ) were taken with a FED stereoscopic camera and are available for you to view in 3D. The images are in the stereoscopic jpeg (jps) format and can be viewed with the free VREX depthcharge plug-in. Once you have the VREX depthcharge viewer installed, just click on the images to view them with either LC shutter glasses, anaglyph glasses or by free-viewing.
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Stereoscopic Displays and Applications conference

Maintained by: Andrew Woods
Revised: 16 September, 2001.