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Stereoscopic Displays and Virtual Reality Systems XII
Proceedings of the SPIE Volume 5664

[ Stereoscopic Displays and Applications XVI | The Engineering Reality of Virtual Reality 2005 ]


xiConference Committees

Part A Stereoscopic Displays and Applications XVI

Session 1


1Stereoscopic 3D display with dynamic optical correction for recovering from asthenopia [5664A-01]   Abstract
T. Shibata, T. Kawai, Waseda Univ. (Japan); M. Otsuki, N. Miyake, Nikon Corp. (Japan); Y. Yoshihara, Arisawa Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Japan); T. Iwasaki, Univ. of Occupational and Environmental Health (Japan)
10Creating a comfortable stereoscopic viewing experience: effects of viewing distance and field of view on fusional range [5664A-02]   Abstract
E. W. Jin, M. E. Miller, S. Endrikhovski, C. D. Cerosaletti, Eastman Kodak Co. (USA)
22A fixed-viewpoint volumetric stereoscopic 3D display using adaptive optics [5664A-03]   Abstract
F. Shevlin, StereoFocus Technologies Ltd. (Ireland)
28 Natural 3D display with 128 directional images used for human-engineering evaluation [5664A-04]   Abstract
H. Nakanuma, H. Kamei, Y. Takaki, Tokyo Univ. of Agriculture and Technology (Japan)
36Predicting individual fusional range from optometric data [5664A-05]   Abstract
S. Endrikhovski, E. Jin, M. E. Miller, R. W. Ford, Eastman Kodak Co. (USA)

Session 2


48Stereo-foveation for anaglyph imaging [5664A-06]   Abstract
A. Çöltekin, Helsinki Univ. of Technology (Finland)
56Thin-type natural three-dimensional display with 72 directional images [5664A-68]   Abstract
Y. Takaki, Tokyo Univ. of Agriculture and Technology (Japan)
64Accommodative load for stereoscopic displays [5664A-79]   Abstract
M. Omori, Nagoya Univ. (Japan); S. Ishihara, Aichi Univ. of Education (Japan); S. Hasegawa, Nagoya Bunri Univ. (Japan); H. Ishigaki, Aichi Institute of Technology (Japan); T. Watanabe, Obu Dementia Care Research and Training Ctr. (Japan); M. Miyao, Nagoya Univ. (Japan); H. Tahara, Eye Power Sports Ltd. (Japan)
72Perceived smoothness of viewpoint transition in multi-viewpoint stereoscopic displays [5664A-09]   Abstract
F. Speranza, W. J. Tam, T. Martin, L. Stelmach, Communications Research Ctr. Canada (Canada); C.-H. Ahn, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (South Korea)

Session 3


83Camera system for arbitrary viewpoint 3D display system [5664A-10]   Abstract
H. Takahashi, Y. Nakano, Osaka City Univ. (Japan); K. Yamada, Hiroshima Institute of Technology (Japan)
92Real-time stereo imaging of gaseous phenomena [5664A-11]   Abstract
T. M. Johnson, D. F. McAllister, North Carolina State Univ. (USA)
104Stereoscopic image rendering based on depth maps created from blur and edge information [5664A-12]   Abstract
W. J. Tam, A. S. Yee, J. Ferreira, S. Tariq, F. Speranza, Communications Research Ctr. Canada (Canada)
116An extended H.264 CODEC for stereoscopic video coding [5664A-13]   Abstract
B. Balasubramaniyam, E. Edirisinghe, H. Bez, Loughborough Univ. (United Kingdom)
127Recovery of a missing color component in stereo images (or helping NASA find little green Martians) [5664A-14]   Abstract
S. Ince, J. Konrad, Boston Univ. (USA)

Session 4


139Autostereoscopic desktop display: an evolution of technology [5664A-15]   Abstract
J. M. Cobb, Eastman Kodak Co. (USA)
150Time-multiplexed autostereoscopic flat panel display using an optical wedge [5664A-16]   Abstract
C. Moller, A. Travis, Cambridge Univ. (United Kingdom)
158Multiview image integration system for glassless 3D display [5664A-17]   Abstract
T. Ando, K. Mashitani, M. Higashino, H. Kanayama, H. Murata, Y. Funazou, Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. (Japan); N. Sakamoto, H. Hazama, Y. Ebara, K. Koyamada, Kyoto Univ. (Japan)
167Three-dimensional multiview large projection system [5664A-18]   Abstract
I. Relke, B. Riemann, Opticality Corp. (Germany)
175Correction of aberrations in lens-based 3D displays [5664A-19]   Abstract
S. Daniell, Zograph Corp. (USA)

Session 5


186Interactive 2D to 3D stereoscopic image synthesis [5664A-21]   Abstract
M. H. Feldman, L. Lipton, StereoGraphics Corp. (USA)
198Automatic video to stereoscopic video conversion [5664A-20] [5291-22]   Abstract
E. Rotem, K. Wolowelsky, D. Pelz, Rafael Inc. (Israel)

Session 6


207New version of HD stereoscopic camera and its picture quality assessment concerning the camera parameters [5664A-22]   Abstract
J.-Y. Lee, S.-J. Nam, J.-H. Lee, C.-S. Park, Korean Broadcasting System (South Korea); P. Dmitry, Y.-G. Kim, Y.-B. Lee, Huhu Co., Ltd. (South Korea)
216Pre-rendered stereoscopic movies for commodity display systems [5664A-23]   Abstract
J. Moreland, L. Arns, Purdue Univ. (USA); W. S. Meador, Univ. of Central Arkansas (USA)
223OpenGL hardware accelerated algorithms for autostereoscopic monitor pattern creation [5664A-24]   Abstract
M. Husák, Lightspeed Design Group (USA) and ICT Prague (Czech Republic); C. Ward, Lightspeed Design Group (USA)
230Integral 3D imaging system using monocular 2D video and depth data [5664A-25]   Abstract
K. Suehiro, H. Nakamura, K. Yamada, S. Nakamura, T. Sugahara, Victor Co. of Japan, Ltd. (Japan)

Session 7


241Tri-stack 3D LCD monitor [5664A-26]   Abstract
A. Loukianitsa, A. Yarovoy, K. Kanashin, Neurok Optics, L.L.C. (USA)
247Full-color autostereoscopic video display system using computer-generated synthetic phase holograms [5664A-27]   Abstract
K. Choi, H. Kim, B. Lee, Seoul National Univ. (South Korea)
255Real-time holographic video images with commodity PC hardware [5664A-28]   Abstract
V. M. Bove, Jr., MIT Media Lab. (USA); W. J. Plesniak, MIT Media Lab. (USA) and Harvard Ctr. for Neurodegeneration and Repair (USA); T. Quentmeyer, J. Barabas, MIT Media Lab. (USA)
263Low-loss filter for stereoscopic projection with LCD projectors [5664A-29]   Abstract
O. Stefani, COAT-Basel (Switzerland); M. Bues, R. Blach, Fraunhofer-Institut für Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation (Germany); A. Bullinger, COAT-Basel (Switzerland)

Session 8


271Three-dimensional scene reconstruction using multiview images and depth camera [5664A-30]   Abstract
G.-M. Um, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (South Korea); K. Y. Kim, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (South Korea); C. Ahn, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (South Korea); K. H. Lee, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (South Korea)
281Smoothing region boundaries in variable depth mapping for real-time stereoscopic images [5664A-31]   Abstract
N. Holliman, Univ. of Durham (United Kingdom)

Session 9


293Laser-induced image technology (yesterday, today, and tomorrow) [5664A-32]   Abstract
I. N. Troitski, Vytek Technologies, Inc. (USA)
302Spatial 3D infrastructure: display-independent software framework, high-speed rendering electronics, and several new displays [5664A-33]   Abstract
W.-S. Chun, J. Napoli, O. S. Cossairt, R. K. Dorval, D. M. Hall, T. J. Purtell II, J. F. Schooler, Y. Banker, G. E. Favalora, Actuality Systems, Inc. (USA)
313Optical system which projects small volumetric images to very large size [5664A-34]   Abstract
J. B. Eichenlaub, Dimension Technologies Inc. (USA)
323Exploring interaction with 3D volumetric displays [5664A-35]   Abstract
T. Grossman, D. Wigdor, R. Balakrishnan, Univ. of Toronto (Canada)

Session 10


332Three-dimensional electro-floating display system based on integral imaging technique [5664A-37]   Abstract
S.-W. Min, Information and Communications Univ. (South Korea); J. Kim, B. Lee, Seoul National Univ. (South Korea)
340Projection-type integral 3D imaging using multifacet flat mirrors [5664A-38]   Abstract
S. Jung, S. A. Shestak, K. Cha, T. Kim, T. Ha, J.-P. Koo, S. Kim, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (South Korea)
349Autostereoscopic liquid crystal display using mosaic color pixel arrangement [5664A-39]   Abstract
K. Taira, R. Fukushima, T. Saishu, H. Kobayashi, Y. Hirayama, Toshiba Corp. (Japan)
360Long viewing distance autostereoscopic display [5664A-40]   Abstract
H. Liao, M. Iwahara, Y. Katayama, N. Hata, T. Dohi, The Univ. of Tokyo (Japan)

Session 11


372Effect of reduced stereoscopic camera separation on ring placement with a surgical telerobot [5664A-41]   Abstract
S. R. Ellis, NASA Ames Research Ctr. (USA); J. M. Fishman, Oxford Univ. Medical School (United Kingdom); C. J. Hasser, J. D. Stern, Intuitive Surgical, Inc. (USA)
380Networked telepresence system using web browsers and omni-directional video streams [5664A-43]   Abstract
T. Ishikawa, K. Yamazawa, T. Sato, S. Ikeda, Y. Nakamura, K. Fujikawa, H. Sunahara, N. Yokoya, Nara Institute of Science and Technology (Japan)
388Fire training in a virtual-reality environment [5664A-44]   Abstract
E. Freund, J. Rossmann, A. Bücken, Univ. of Dortmund (Germany)

Session 12


395Stereoscopy in orthopaedics [5664A-47]   Abstract
S. L. E. Tan, Royal Newcastle Hospital (Australia)



400Stereoscopic player and stereoscopic multiplexer: a computer-based system for stereoscopic video playback and recording [5664A-67]   Abstract
P. Wimmer, Johannes Kepler Univ. Linz (Austria)
412Three-dimensional visualization of human fundus from a sequence of angiograms [5664A-69]   Abstract
F. Laliberté, L. Gagnon, CRIM (Canada); Y. Sheng, Laval Univ. (Canada)
421Analysis of the viewing parameters for curved lens array system based on integral imaging [5664A-70]   Abstract
Y. Kim, S.-W. Min, J.-H. Park, B. Lee, Seoul National Univ. (South Korea)
430Block-wise MAP disparity estimation for intermediate view reconstruction [5664A-71]   Abstract
L. Zhang, Communications Research Ctr. Canada (Canada)
439A new configuration of LCD-polarized stereoscopic projection system without light loss [5664A-72]   Abstract
S.-C. Kim, D.-K. Kim, D.-H. Kim, E.-S. Kim, Kwangwoon Univ. (South Korea)
450Stereoscopic painting with varying levels of detail [5664A-73]   Abstract
E. Stavrakis, M. Gelautz, Vienna Univ. of Technology (Austria)
460Coding of full-parallax multiview images [5664A-74]   Abstract
T. Palfner, E. Müller, Univ. of Rostock (Germany)
472Physical modeling of a microlens array setup for use in computer generated IP [5664A-75]   Abstract
S. S. Athineos, N. P. Sgouros, Univ. of Athens (Greece); P. G. Papageorgas, Technological Educational Institute of Piraeus (Greece); D. E. Maroulis, M. S. Sangriotis, N. G. Theofanous, Univ. of Athens (Greece)
480Stereoscopic display which shows 3D natural scenes without contradiction of accommodation and convergence [5664A-76]   Abstract
T. Akutsu, H. Kakeya, Univ. of Tsukuba (Japan)
488An innovative beamsplitter-based stereoscopic/3D display design [5664A-77]   Abstract
J. L. Fergason, Fergason Patent Properties (USA); S. D. Robinson, Planar Systems, Inc. (USA); C. W. McLaughlin, B. Brown, Fergason Patent Properties (USA); A. Abileah, T. E. Baker, P. J. Green, Planar Systems, Inc. (USA)
495McLiflet: multiple cameras for light field live with thousands of lenslets [5664A-78]   Abstract
M. Kojima, T. Naemura, The Univ. of Tokyo (Japan)
506Reduction of the distortion due to non-ideal lens alignment in lenticular 3D displays [5664A-80]   Abstract
Y.-G. Lee, J. B. Ra, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (South Korea)

Part B  The Engineering Reality of Virtual Reality 2005

Session 13


517Passive method of eliminating accommodation/convergence disparity in stereoscopic head-mounted displays [5664B-49]   Abstract
J. B. Eichenlaub, Dimension Technologies Inc. (USA)
530Reusable methodology based on filters in order to define relevant tangible parts for a TUI [5664B-50]   Abstract
F. Depaulis, N. Couture, J. Legardeur, L. Garreau, LIPSI/École Supérieure des Technologies Industrielles Avancées (France)
540WebVR: an interactive web browser for virtual environments [5664B-51]   Abstract
E. Barsoum, F. Kuester, Univ. of California/Irvine (USA)
548A global-timestamp-based approach to construct a real-time distributed tiled display system [5664B-53]   Abstract
S.-J. Kim, F. Kuester, K. H. Kim, Univ. of California/Irvine (USA)

Session 14


555Projection-based augmented reality with automated shape scanning [5664B-54]   Abstract
Y. Yasumuro, M. Imura, Y. Manabe, Nara Institute of Science and Technology (Japan); O. Oshiro, Osaka Univ. (Japan); K. Chihara, Nara Institute of Science and Technology (Japan)
563Localization of wearable users using invisible retro-reflective markers and an IR camera [5664B-55]   Abstract
Y. Nakazato, M. Kanbara, N. Yokoya, Nara Institute of Science and Technology (Japan)
571Toward natural fiducials for augmented reality [5664B-56]   Abstract
P. Kitchin, K. Martinez, Univ. of Southampton (United Kingdom)
5793D reconstruction of outdoor environments from omnidirectional range and color images [5664B-57]   Abstract
T. Asai, M. Kanbara, N. Yokoya, Nara Institute of Science and Technology (Japan)

Session 15


589Large-format 3D interaction table [5664B-58]   Abstract
J. Gustafsson, C. Lindfors, L. Mattsson, T. Kjellberg, Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden)
596Stereoscopic stimuli are not used in absolute distance evaluation to proximal objects in multicue virtual environment [5664B-59]   Abstract
D. Paillé, A. Kemeny, LPPA, CNRS, Collège de France (France) and CTS, Renault (France); A. Berthoz, LPPA, CNRS, Collège de France (France)
606ShadowLight: an immersive environment for rapid prototyping and design [5664B-60]   Abstract
K. H. Leetaru, Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (USA)

Session 16


616Quantitative comparison of interaction with shutter glasses and autostereoscopic displays [5291-61]   Abstract
Z. Y. Alpaslan, S.-C. Yeh, A. A. Rizzo, A. A. Sawchuk, Univ. of Southern California (USA)
626Experiments in interactive panoramic cinema [5664B-63]   Abstract
S. S. Fisher, S. Anderson, S. Ruiz, M. Naimark, P. Hoberman, M. Bolas, R. Weinberg, Univ. of Southern California (USA)
633Import and visualization of clinical medical imagery into multiuser VR environments [5664B-64]   Abstract
A. H. Mehrle, Johannes Kepler Univ. Linz (Austria); W. Freysinger, Innsbruck Medical Univ. (Austria); R. Kikinis, Brigham and Women's Hospital (USA); A. Gunkel, F. Kral, Innsbruck Medical Univ. (Austria)

Session 17


641Collaborative virtual environments art exhibition [5664B-65]   Abstract
M. Dolinsky, Indiana Univ. (USA); J. Anstey, D. E. Pape, Univ. of Buffalo (USA); J. C. Aguilera, H.-N. Kostis, D. Tsoupikova, Univ. of Illinois at Chicago (USA)

653Author Index

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