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Stereoscopic Displays and Virtual Reality Systems XIII
Proceedings of the SPIE Volume 6055

[ Stereoscopic Displays and Applications XVII | The Engineering Reality of Virtual Reality 2006 ]


xiConference Committees

Part A Stereoscopic Displays and Applications XVII

Session 1


605501The use of stereoscopic visualization in chemistry and structural biology [6055A-01]
M. Hušák, Lightspeed Digital Group (USA) and ICT Prague (Czech Republic)
605502Using stereoscopic real-time graphics to shorten training time for complex mechanical tasks [6055A-02]
F. Tecchia, M. Carrozzino, F. Rossi, M. Bergamasco, PERCRO, Scuola Superiore S.Anna (Italy); M. Vescovi, F. Pisu, SIDEL Simonazzi (Italy)
605503Stereoscopic display of 3D models for design visualization [6055A-03]
K. J. Gilson, Parsons Brinckerhoff (USA)
605504Stereoscopic image production: live, CGI, and integration [6055A-04]
E. Criado, Enxebre Entertainment (Spain)
605505Cosmic cookery: making a stereoscopic 3D animated movie [6055A-05]
N. Holliman, C. Baugh, C. Frenk, A. Jenkins, B. Froner, D. Hassaine, J. Helly, N. Metcalfe, T. Okamoto, Univ. of Durham (United Kingdom)

Session 2


605506Evaluation of stereoscopic medical video content on an autostereoscopic display for undergraduate medical education [6055A-06]
J. Ilgner, RWTH Aachen Univ. (Germany); T. Kawai, T. Shibata, T. Yamazoe, Waseda Univ. (Japan); M. Westhofen, RWTH Aachen Univ. (Germany)
605507Stereoscopic visualization and editing of automatic abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAA) measurements for stent graft planning [6055A-07]
L. Zhou, Y. Wang, L.-C. Goh, R. A. Kockro, L. Serra, Volume Interactions Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)
605508A hybrid virtual environment for training of radiotherapy treatment of cancer [6055A-08]
R. Phillips, J. W. Ward, Univ. of Hull (United Kingdom); P. Bridge, R. M. Appleyard, Sheffield Hallam Univ. (United Kingdom); A. W. Beavis, Univ. of Hull (United Kingdom) and Princess Royal Hospital, Hull, and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust (United Kingdom)
605509Blur spot limitations in distal endoscope sensors [6055A-09]
A. Yaron, Visionsense Inc. (USA); M. Shechterman, N. Horesh, Visionsense Ltd. (Israel)

Session 3


60550AVisual comfort with mobile stereoscopic gaming [6055A-10]
J. Häkkinen, Univ. of Helsinki (Finland) and Nokia Research Ctr. (Finland); M. Liinasuo, Nokia Research Ctr. (Finland); J. Takatalo, G. Nyman, Univ. of Helsinki (Finland)
60550BEffect of disparity and motion on visual comfort of stereoscopic images [6055A-11]
F. Speranza, W. J. Tam, R. Renaud, Communications Research Ctr. Canada (Canada); N. Hur, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (South Korea)
60550CAnalysis of an autostereoscopic display: the perceptual range of the three-dimensional visual fields and saliency of static depth cues [6055A-12]
P. Havig, Air Force Research Lab. (USA); J. McIntire, Consortium Research Fellows Program (USA); R. McGruder, U.S. Air Force Academy (USA)
60550DEffects of gender, application, experience, and constraints on interaction performance using autostereoscopic displays [6055A-13]
Z. Y. Alpaslan, A. A. Sawchuk, A. A. Rizzo III, S. Yeh, Univ. of Southern California, Los Angeles (USA)
60550EExamination of asthenopia recovery using stereoscopic 3D display with dynamic optical correction [6055A-14]
T. Shibata, T. Kawai, K. Ohta, J. Lee, Waseda Univ. (Japan); M. Otsuki, N. Miyake, Nikon Corp. (Japan); Y. Yoshihara, Arisawa Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Japan); T. Iwasaki, Univ. of Occupational and Environmental Health (Japan)

Session 4


60550FHigh-resolution insets in projector-based stereoscopic displays: principles and techniques [6055A-15]
G. Godin, P. Massicotte, L. Borgeat, National Research Council of Canada (Canada)
60550GStereo projection using interference filters [6055A-16]
H. Jorke, M. Fritz, INFITEC GmbH (Germany)
60550HDevelopment of the real-time stereoscopic error corrector and convergence controller [6055A-55]
S.-J. Nam, C.-S. Park, KBS (South Korea); Y.-S. Yu, K. Lee, TVLogic Co., Ltd. (South Korea)
60550IPermanent synchronization of camcorders via LANC protocol [6055A-80]
D. Vrancic, J. Stefan Institute (Slovenia); S. L. Smith, IN3D Ltd. (USA)

Session 5


60550KPlatelet-based coding of depth maps for the transmission of multiview images [6055A-19]
Y. Morvan, Eindhoven Univ. of Technology (Netherlands); P. H. N. de With, Eindhoven Univ. of Technology (Netherlands) and LogicaCMG (Netherlands); D. Farin, Eindhoven Univ. of Technology (Netherlands)
60550LEfficient view synthesis from uncalibrated stereo [6055A-20]
R. Braspenning, M. Op de Beeck, Philips Research Labs. (Netherlands)
60550MA fast image multiplexing method robust to viewer's position and lens misalignment in lenticular 3D displays [6055A-21]
Y. Lee, J. B. Ra, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (South Korea)

Session 6


60550NReal-time rendering for multiview autostereoscopic displays [6055A-22]
R.-P. M. Berretty, F. J. Peters, Philips Research (Netherlands); G. T. G. Volleberg, Philips Applied Technologies (Netherlands)
60550OAnisotropic scene geometry resampling with occlusion filling for 3DTV applications [6055A-23]
J. Kim, T. Sikora, Technical Univ. of Berlin (Germany)
60550PDistributed rendering for multiview parallax displays [6055A-24]
T. Annen, MPI (Germany); W. Matusik, H. Pfister, MERL (USA); H.-P. Seidel, MPI (Germany); M. Zwicker, MIT (USA)

Session 7


60550QOn the number of viewing zones required for head-tracked autostereoscopic display [6055A-25]
N. A. Dodgson, Univ. of Cambridge (United Kingdom)
60550RMultiview LCD wall system [6055A-26]
I. Relke, NewSight GmbH (Germany)
60550SFlatbed-type autostereoscopic display system and its image format for encoding [6055A-27]
T. Saishu, S. Numazaki, K. Taira, R. Fukushima, A. Morishita, Y. Hirayama, Toshiba Corp. (Japan)
60550TAutostereoscopic 3D display [6055A-28]
A. Schwerdtner, SeeReal Technologies GmbH (Germany)
60550UThe HoloVizio system [6055A-29]
T. Balogh, Holografika Kft. (Hungary)

Session 8


60550VDevelopment of autostereoscopic display system for remote manipulation [6055A-30]
T. Honda, Y. Kuboshima, K. Iwane, T. Shiina, Chiba Univ. (Japan)
60550WRay-space acquisition and reconstruction within cylindrical objective space [6055A-31]
T. Yendo, T. Fujii, M. Tanimoto, Nagoya Univ. (Japan)
60550X72-directional display having VGA resolution for high-appearance image generation [6055A-32]
Y. Takaki, T. Dairiki, Tokyo Univ. of Agriculture and Technology (Japan)
60550YCombining volumetric edge display and multiview display for expression of natural 3D images [6055A-33]
R. Yasui, I. Matsuda, H. Kakeya, Univ. of Tsukuba (Japan)
60550ZAdaptive parallax control for multi-view stereo panoramas [6055A-34]
C. Wang, A. A. Sawchuk, Univ. of Southern California, Los Angeles (USA)

Session 9


605510Integral videography of high-density light field with spherical layout camera array [6055A-35]
T. Koike, M. Oikawa, N. Kimura, F. Beniyama, T. Moriya, M. Yamasaki, Hitachi, Ltd. (Japan)
605511Imaging properties of microlens arrays for integral imaging system [6055A-36]
J. Arai, M. Okui, Y. Nojiri, F. Okano, NHK Science and Technical Research Labs. (Japan)
605512Comparative study on 3D-2D convertible integral imaging systems [6055A-37]
H. Choi, J. Kim, Y. Kim, B. Lee, Seoul National Univ. (South Korea)

Session 10


605513A uniform metric for anaglyph calculation [6055A-51]
Z. Zhang, D. F. McAllister, North Carolina State Univ. (USA)
605514Application of 3DHiVision: a system with a new 3D HD renderer [6055A-39]
P. Sun, Sun Advanced Engineering, Inc. (Japan); S. Nagata, InterVision Institute (Japan)

Session 11


6055153D animation in three dimensions: the rocky road to the obvious [6055A-40]
H. Murray, IMAX Corp. (Canada)

Session 12


605516A method for the real-time construction of a full parallax light field [6055A-41]
K. Tanaka, S. Aoki, Sony Corp. (Japan)
605517Simulation of 3D image depth perception in a 3D display using two stereoscopic displays at different depths [6055A-43]
K. Uehira, Kanagawa Institute of Technology (Japan)
605518Innovative stereoscopic display using variable polarized angle [6055A-44]
J. E. Gaudreau, M. Bechamp, PolarScreens, Inc. (Canada); B. MacNaughton, V. S. Power, MacNaughton, Inc./NuVision (USA)
605519A novel walk-through 3D display [6055A-45]
S. DiVerdi, Univ. of California, Santa Barbara (USA); I. Rakkolainen, Univ. of California, Santa Barbara (USA) and FogScreen Inc. (Finland); T. Höllerer, Univ. of California, Santa Barbara (USA); A. Olwal, Univ. of California, Santa Barbara (USA) and Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (Sweden)



60551AReal-time stereographic display of volumetric datasets in radiology [6055A-46]
X. H. Wang, G. S. Maitz, J. K. Leader, W. F. Good, Univ. of Pittsburgh (USA)
60551BErgonomic evaluation system for stereoscopic video production [6055A-47]
T. Kawai, S. Kishi, T. Yamazoe, T. Shibata, Waseda Univ. (Japan); T. Inoue, Kanagawa Institute of Technology (Japan); Y. Sakaguchi, K. Okabe, Y. Kuno, LET'S Corp. (Japan); T. Kawamoto, Chukyo TV Broadcasting Corp. (Japan)
60551CWide-viewing-angle three-dimensional display system using HOE lens array [6055A-48]
H. Takahashi, H. Fujinami, Osaka City Univ. (Japan); K. Yamada, Hiroshima Institute of Technology (Japan)
60551DDepth maps created from blur information using images with focus at near and at far [6055A-49]
S. Cho, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (South Korea); W. J. Tam, F. Speranza, R. Renaud, Communications Research Ctr. Canada (Canada); N. Hur, S. I. Lee, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (South Korea)
60551EDepth map-based disparity estimation technique using multiview and depth camera [6055A-50]
G.-M. Um, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (South Korea); S.-M. Kim, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (South Korea); N. Hur, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (South Korea); K. H. Lee, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (South Korea); S. I. Lee, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (South Korea)
60551FMultiview autostereoscopic display with double-sided reflecting scanning micromirrors [6055A-53]
A. Nakai, K. Hoshino, K. Matsumoto, I. Shimoyama, Univ. of Tokyo (Japan)
60551GA depth-enhanced floating display system based on integral imaging [6055A-54]
J. Kim, S.-W. Min, Y. Kim, S.-W. Cho, H. Choi, B. Lee, Seoul National Univ. (South Korea)
60551HThree-dimensional sprites for lenticular-type three-dimensional display [6055A-56]
T. Dairiki, Y. Takaki, Tokyo Univ. of Agriculture and Technology (Japan)
60551IOptical design considerations for a beam combiner in a StereoMirror 3D display system [6055A-57]
A. Hochbaum, Vav Consulting (USA); J. L. Fergason, Fergason Patent Properties LLC (USA)
60551LPerformance analysis of a compact electro-optical 3D adapter with a wide capturing angle [6055A-61]
S.-C. Kim, D.-H. Lee, J.-G. Lee, E.-S. Kim, Kwangwoon Univ. (South Korea)
60551MNew method of zoom-convergence interlocked control in the moving parallel-axes style stereoscopic camera [6055A-62]
J. Lee, S. Nam, J. Lee, C. Park, S. Chung, KBS (South Korea)

Part B  The Engineering Reality of Virtual Reality 2006

Session 13


60551NTexturing of continuous LoD meshes with the hierarchical texture atlas [6055B-63]
H. Birkholz, Univ. of Rostock (Germany)
60551PMultiprojector image distortion correction scheme for curved screens on the example of the cybersphere [6055B-65]
B. V. Shulgin, J. Ye, V. H. Raja, The Univ. of Warwick (United Kingdom)
60551Q3D workflow for HDR image capture of projection systems and objects for CAVE virtual environments authoring with wireless touch-sensitive devices [6055B-66]
M. J. Prusten, Optical Design Labs. (USA); M. McIntyre, Total Eclipse Studios (USA); M. Landis, Univ. of Arizona (USA)

Session 14


60551RVirtual technical support for field engineers in the water and ventilation hygiene industry [6055B-68]
I. A. Nicholas, Cardiff Univ. (United Kingdom); D. C. Kim, Aquamarc Ltd. (United Kingdom)
60551SVirtual reality in construction industry: a requirement compatibility analysis approach [6055B-69]
J. Ye, B. V. Shulgin, V. H. Raja, The Univ. of Warwick (United Kingdom)
60551TAdding tactile realism to a virtual reality laparoscopic surgical simulator with a costeffective human interface device [6055B-70]
I. W. Mack, The Queen's Univ. of Belfast (United Kingdom); S. Potts, The Royal Group of Hospitals (United Kingdom); K. R. McMenemy, R. S. Ferguson, The Queen's Univ. of Belfast (United Kingdom)

Session 15


60551UInverse perspective [6055B-71]
M. Dolinsky, Indiana Univ. (USA)
60551VVirtual reality and the unfolding of higher dimensions [6055B-72]
J. C. Aguilera, Univ. of Illinois at Chicago (USA)
60551WFraming the magic [6055B-73]
D. Tsoupikova, Univ. of Illinois at Chicago (USA)
60551XVirtual reality, immersion, and the unforgettable experience [6055B-74]
J. F. Morie, Univ. of Southern California (USA)

Session 16


60551YTeleoperation interface for mobile robot with perspective-transformed virtual 3D screen on PC display [6055B-75]
T. Kimura, H. Kakeya, Univ. of Tsukuba (Japan)
605520An interactive camera placement and visibility simulator for image-based VR applications [6055B-77]
A. State, Univ. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (USA) and InnerOptic Technology Inc. (USA); G. Welch, A. Ilie, Univ. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (USA)
605522Synthecology: sound use of audio in teleimmersion [6055B-79]
G. Baum, State Univ. of New York Buffalo (USA); M. Gotsis, Univ. of Southern California (USA); B. Chang, R. Drinkwater, D. St. Clair, School of the Art Institute of Chicago (USA)

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