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Photo Album of the
Stereoscopic Displays and Applications XXIII (2012) Conference

The Demonstrations

The SD&A conference demonstration session always provides a rich selection of stereoscopic technologies to see and this year was no different.

[D1] Panorama of the Demonstration session.

Tsukuba Tsukuba Tsukuba
[D2] University of Tsukuba (Hideki Kakeya and Shimpei Sawada), a prototype integral volumetric imaging display

[D3] University of Tsukuba (Hideki Kakeya), a simulation of time-division multiplexing anaglyphs

Tyler Tyler
[D4] Christopher Tyler, taking Kinect depth maps as input to plot live random-dot autostereograms presented on a large-screen TV

Infitec Infitec
[D5] Infitec, optimized 4-3-band filter configuration for spectral filters to provide improved color matching in the two eyes compared to their earlier 3-3-band filter configuration

Raytrix Raytrix
Raytrix Raytrix
[D6] Raytrix, a 3D light-field camera

Karpf Karpf
[D7] Ronald Karpf, active Pulfrich-effect glasses

Tokushima Tokushima
[D8] University of Tokushima (Hirotsugu Yamamoto, Hiroki Bando, and Shiro Suyama), a prototype cross-mirror array to form floating 3D LED signs

[D9] SLAC National Accelerator Lab (Ralf Kähler and Tom Abell), interactive stereoscopic visualization of large-scale astrophysical simulation shown on a 3D capable laptop

[D10] PolarScreens, Inc. (Jean-Etienne Gaudreau), full-resolution auto-stereo-scopic display with an all-electronic tracking system

[D11] ELDIM, equipment for optical characterization of different types of 3D displays

[D12] Qualcomm (Vikas Ramachandra), demonstrated real-time stereoscopic camera calibration on a mobile phone platform outputting to a large-screen 3DTV

[D13] NVIDIA, stereoscopic gaming running on a new LightBoost 3D monitor and the new 3D Vision 2 active shutter glasses with the new 3D game "Trine"

Volfoni Volfoni
[D14] Volfoni (Bernard Mendiburu), universal active shutter glasses, polarization modulator and universal 3D emitter

[D15] IMAX, provided a stack of free IMAX 3D movie posters

University of Ottawa
[D16] University of Ottawa (Luis Gurrieri), an interactive demonstration of image-based stereoscopic telepresence running on a laptop.

[D17] unidentified - please let us know if you recognise this demonstrator


[PR3] The prize for the best demonstration at the SD&A demonstration session was awarded to Hirotsugu Yamamoto, Hiroki Bando, and Shiro Suyama, of the University of Tokushima, for "Design of cross-mirror array to form floating 3D LED signs."

Phantogram display

This year Terry Wilson was back again at SD&A to show a wonderful collection of 3D phantograms.

phantogram phantogram
[P1][P2] The phantogram display which also included a full-color StereoJet phantogram (a rarity)

All photographs © 2012 John Merritt, Andrew Woods, Oli Laperal Jr., and Ray Zone as noted.

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