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Selected SPIE papers on CD-ROM:
Stereoscopic Displays and Applications

Editors: Andrew J. Woods, John O. Merritt, Scott S. Fisher, Mark T. Bolas, Stephen A. Benton.

This compilation brings together, for the first time, the proceedings of 21 SPIE and SPIE/IS&T conferences on the topic of stereoscopic displays and their applications - documenting a very rich history of research and development over a 24-year period (1977-2000).

CD1 comprises the papers of the 11 Proceedings of the Stereoscopic Displays and Applications conference, which has been held every year since its inception in 1990, making it the longest-running and most widely attended conference worldwide on the subject. This series also includes The Engineering Reality of Virtual Reality, a topically related conference that has copublished with SD&A since 1994.

CD2 contains a selection of papers from related SPIE conferences that took place over the period 1977-1989.

This wealth of information, presented in a fully searchable PDF format, should facilitate many new and exciting developments in stereoscopic imaging.

Price: SPIE Members US$105, Non-members (list price) US$130

The CD is available for purchase from the SPIE Bookstore. The CD's product code is "CDP12".


Disk 1

Stereoscopic Displays and Virtual Reality Systems VII (2000)  (SPIE Vol. 3957)
Stereoscopic Displays and Virtual Reality Systems VI (1999)  (SPIE Vol. 3639)
Stereoscopic Displays and Virtual Reality Systems V (1998)  (SPIE Vol. 3295)
Stereoscopic Displays and Virtual Reality Systems IV (1997)  (SPIE Vol. 3012)
Stereoscopic Displays and Virtual Reality Systems III (1996)  (SPIE Vol. 2653)
Stereoscopic Displays and Virtual Reality Systems II (1995)  (SPIE Vol. 2409)
Stereoscopic Displays and Virtual Reality Systems (1994)  (SPIE Vol. 2177)
Stereoscopic Displays and Applications IV (1993)  (SPIE Vol. 1915)
Stereoscopic Displays and Applications III (1992)  (SPIE Vol. 1669)
Stereoscopic Displays and Applications II (1991)  (SPIE Vol. 1457)

Disk 2

Stereoscopic Displays and Applications (1990)  (SPIE Vol. 1256)
Three-Dimensional Visualization and Display Technologies (1989)  (SPIE Vol. 1083)
Three-Dimensional Imaging and Remote Sensing Imaging (1988)  (SPIE Vol. 0902)
True Three-Dimensional Imaging Techniques and Display Technologies (1987)  (SPIE Vol. 0761)
Processing and Display of Three-Dimensional Data II (1984)  (SPIE Vol. 0507)
Optics in Entertainment II [Holography & Three-Dimensional Imaging Session only] (1984)  (SPIE Vol. 0462)
Three-Dimensional Imaging (1983)  (SPIE Vol. 0402)
Optics in Entertainment [Three-Dimensional Imaging Session only] (1983)  (SPIE Vol. 0391)
Processing and Display of Three-Dimensional Data (1982)  (SPIE Vol. 0369)
Optics and Photonics Applied to Three-Dimensional Imagery (1979)  (SPIE Vol. 0212)
Three-Dimensional Imaging (1977)  (SPIE Vol. 0120)

Stereoscopic Displays and Applications (1990)

User Interface Issues in Stereoscopic Displays

Three-dimensional stereoscopic display implementation: guidelines derived from human visual capabilities
Christopher D. Wickens, [1990]

Comparison of depth cues for relative depth judgments
William F. Reinhart, Robert J. Beaton, Harry L. Snyder, [1990]

Perspectives on stereo
Thant Tessman, [1990]

Focused and divided attention in stereoscopic depth
Christopher D. Wickens, Arthur Kramer, John Andersen, Andria Glasser, Ken Sarno, [1990]

3-D displays for cockpits: where they pay off
John M. Reising, Kim M. Mazur, [1990]

Effect on real-world depth perception from exposure to heads-down stereoscopic flight displays
Anthony M. Busquets, Steven P. Williams, Russell V. Parrish, [1990]

Perspective and stereo for projection from and display of four dimensions
William P. Armstrong, Robert P. Burton, [1990]

New morphological algorithm for automated interpolation of height grids from contour images
Sidney M. Petersen, William A. Barrett, Robert P. Burton, [1990]

New computational control techniques and increased understanding for stereo 3-D displays
Steven P. Williams, Russell V. Parrish, [1990]

Characterization and categorization of higher-dimensional presentation techniques
Elizabeth Cluff, Robert P. Burton, William A. Barrett, [1990]

3-D Visualization

Defining, modeling, and measuring system lag in virtual environments
Steve T. Bryson, Scott S. Fisher, [1990]

Volume visualization on a stereoscopic display
Steve E. Wixson, [1990]

Head-coupled remote stereoscopic camera system for telepresence applications
Mark T. Bolas, Scott S. Fisher, [1990]

Stereoscopic displays for terrain database visualization
Harry Veron, David A. Southard, James Robert Leger, John L. Conway, [1990]

Implementation and integration of a counterbalanced CRT-based stereoscopic display for interactive viewpoint control in virtual-environment applications
Ian E. McDowall, Mark T. Bolas, Steven D. Pieper, Scott S. Fisher, Jim Humphries, [1990]

Doing it directly: the experiential design of cyberspaces
Randal Walser, [1990]

New Developments in 3-D Displays

Autostereoscopic display for use with a personal computer
Jesse B. Eichenlaub, [1990]

Inexpensive driver for stereo videogame glasses
Michael Pique, Anthony Coogan, [1990]

The Eyephone: a head-mounted stereo display
Michael A. Teitel, [1990]

Parallel-axes graphics using Lincoln's log method as an alternative to binocular parallax graphics
Donald B. Curtis, Robert P. Burton, [1990]

Christopher W. Tyler, Maureen B. Clarke, [1990]

Sculptbox: a volumetric environment for interactive design of three-dimensional objects
Alan E. Richardson, Robert P. Burton, William A. Barrett, [1990]

Wide-angle orthostereo
Eric M. Howlett, [1990]

Applications of Stereoscopic Displays

3-D TV system for remote handling: development and evaluation
Andrew A. Dumbreck, E. Abel, S. P. Murphy, [1990]

Videotape recording of 3-D television pictures
Peter M. Scheiwiller, Andrew A. Dumbreck, A. D. Chapman, [1990]

Stereo advantage for a peg-in-hole task using a force-feedback manipulator
Edward Hugh Spain, [1990]

Remote-manipulator tasks impossible without stereo TV
Robert E. Cole, John O. Merritt, Susan Fore, Patrick Lester, [1990]

Applications of Stereoscopic Displays

Portable low-cost devices for videotaping, editing, and displaying field-sequential stereoscopic motion pictures and video
Michael R. Starks, [1990]

2-D/3-D comparison using commercial vision products
Dave F. Miller, Tom Mitchell, [1990]

Irrelevance reduction of the depth information in stereo images
Bernd Kost, [1990]

Perfect 3-D movies and stereoscopic movies on TV and projection screens: an appraisement
Susanne Klein, Wolfgang Dultz, [1990]

New Approaches to 3-D Displays

Some preliminary results on using spatial locality to speed up ray tracing of stereoscopic images
John D. Ezell, Larry F. Hodges, [1990]

3-D endoscopy through alternating-frame technology
A. Porter McLaurin, Edwin R. Jones, J. Lorin Mason, [1990]

New advances in computer-generated barrier-strip autostereography
Stephan Meyers, Daniel J. Sandin, William T. Cunnally, Ellen Sandor, Thomas A. DeFanti, [1990]

Stereoscopic Displays and Applications II

Software for Stereoscopic Displays

Compact zoom lens for stereoscopic television
Peter M. Scheiwiller, S. P. Murphy, Andrew A. Dumbreck, [1991]

Basic principles of stereographic software development
Larry F. Hodges, [1991]

Comparison of stereoscopic cursors for the interactive manipulation of B-splines
Paul T. Barham, David F. McAllister, [1991]

Interpolation of stereo data using Lagrangian polynomials
Rafic A. Bachnak, Jihad S. Yamout, [1991]

Stereoscopic ray tracing of implicitly defined surfaces
Ravinder Devarajan, David F. McAllister, [1991]

Generation of synthetic stereo views from digital terrain models and digitized photographs
James S. Bethel, [1991]

Development of a stereoscopic three-dimensional drawing application
Donald E. Carver, David F. McAllister, [1991]

Recovering epipolar geometry in 3-D vision systems
Toni F. Schenk, Charles K. Toth, [1991]

Stereoscopic Display Applications

3-DTV research and development in Europe
Ruediger Sand, [1991]

Comparison of 3-D display formats for CAD applications
Shane W. McWhorter, Larry F. Hodges, Walter E. Rodriguez, [1991]

Effects of alternate pictorial pathway displays and stereo 3-D presentation on simulated transport landing approach performance
Anthony M. Busquets, Russell V. Parrish, Steven P. Williams, [1991]

Stereoscopic versus orthogonal view displays for performance of a remote manipulation task
Edward Hugh Spain, Klause-Peter Holzhausen, [1991]

Teleoperator performance with virtual window display
Robert E. Cole, John O. Merritt, Richard Coleman, Curtis S. Ikehara, [1991]

Remote driving: one eye or two
Keith Bryant, Ilhan Ince, [1991]

Perceptual training with cues for hazard detection in off-road driving
John O. Merritt, V. Grayson CuQlock-Knopp, [1991]

Virtual Environments: Research and Applications

Computational model for the stereoscopic optics of a head-mounted display
Warren Robinett, Jannick P. Rolland, [1991]

Virtual environment for the exploration of three-dimensional steady flows
Steve T. Bryson, Creon C. Levit, [1991]

Elements of real-space imaging: a proposed taxonomy
Michael Naimark, [1991]

Interaction of objects in a virtual environment: a two-point paradigm
Steve T. Bryson, [1991]

Virtual environment system for simulation of leg surgery
Steven D. Pieper, Scott Delp, Joseph Rosen, Scott S. Fisher, [1991]

Practical low-cost stereo head-mounted display
Randy Pausch, Pramod Dwivedi, Allan Christian Long, [1991]

Human-Factors Issues in Stereoscopic Displays

Image quality metrics for volumetric laser displays
Rodney Don Williams, Daniel Donohoo, [1991]

Depth cueing for visual search and cursor positioning
William F. Reinhart, [1991]

Color quantization aspects in stereopsis
Prashant D. Hebbar, David F. McAllister, [1991]

Luminance asymmetry in stereo TV images
Ion Paul Beldie, Bernd Kost, [1991]

Some effects on depth-position and course-prediction judgments in 2-D and 3-D displays
Robert H. Miller, Robert J. Beaton, [1991]

Effect of viewing distance and disparity on perceived depth
Linda Gooding, Michael Eugene Miller, Jana Moore, Seong-Han Kim, [1991]

User benefits of visualization with 3-D stereoscopic displays
Anna M. Wichansky, [1991]

New Developments in Stereoscopic Display Technologies

Selection devices for field-sequential stereoscopic displays: a brief history
Lenny Lipton, [1991]

Electro-optical autostereoscopic displays using large cylindrical lenses
Tomohiko Hattori, [1991]

Progress in autostereoscopic display technology at Dimension Technologies Inc.
Jesse B. Eichenlaub, [1991]

Positioning accuracy of a virtual stereographic pointer in a real stereoscopic video world
David Drascic, Paul Milgram, [1991]

Simplified pupil enlargement technique
Bruce M. Radl, [1991]

Three-dimensional imaging laparoscope
Edwin R. Jones, A. Porter McLaurin, J. Lorin Mason, [1991]

Use of flicker-free television products for stereoscopic display applications
Andrew J. Woods, Tom Docherty, Rolf Koch, [1991]

Stereoscopic video and the quest for virtual reality: an annotated bibliography of selected topics
Michael R. Starks, [1991]

Stereoscopic Displays and Applications III

Stereoscopic Display Software Issues

Distortions in stereoscopic displays
Aladdin M. Ariyaeeinia, [1992]

Construction of intermediate pictures for a multiview 3D system
Liu Jin, Robert Skerjanc, [1992]

Minimizing absolute parallax in a stereo image
David F. McAllister, [1992]

Automatic software control of display parameters for stereoscopic graphics images
Robert A. Akka, [1992]

Problems with lossy compression of stereo pairs
Louis L. Harrison, David F. McAllister, [1992]

Inference of three-dimensional structure from weak perspective projections based on pairwise comparisons of images
Leonid L. Kontsevich, [1992]

Random set approach to 3D scene reconstruction by stereoscopic vision
Philippe Quinio, [1992]

Combining motion blur and stereo
Manoj K. Patel, David F. McAllister, [1992]

Stereoscopic Display Application Issues

Head-tracking stereo display: experiments and applications
W. Bradford Paley, [1992]

Gray-scale requirements for antialiasing of stereoscopic graphic imagery
William F. Reinhart, [1992]

Temporal sampling requirements for stereoscopic displays
Marc Green, [1992]

Spatiotemporal limitations on vernier and stereoscopic alignment acuity
Christopher W. Tyler, Clifton M. Schor, Nancy J. Coletta, [1992]

Adaptation effects in stereo due to on-line changes in camera configuration
Paul Milgram, Martin Krueger, [1992]

Effects of test structure on depth perception measurement tasks
Curtis S. Ikehara, Robert E. Cole, John O. Merritt, [1992]

Monocular depth cues in conflict with the stereoscopic parallax on the television screen
Susanne Klein, Wolfgang Dultz, [1992]

Three-dimensional target designation using two control devices and an aiding technique
John M. Reising, Kristen K. Liggett, Christopher R. Rate, David C. Hartsock, [1992]

New Developments in Stereoscopic Displays

Future of autostereoscopic electronic displays
Lenny Lipton, [1992]

Further advances in autostereoscopic technology at Dimension Technologies Inc.
Jesse B. Eichenlaub, [1992]

50-inch autostereoscopic full-color 3D TV display system
Haruo Isono, Minoru Yasuda, Daisuke Takemori, Hideyuki Kanayama, Chihiko Yamada, Kazuaki Chiba, [1992]

Three-Dimensional imaging systems for telecommunications applications
Dennis E. Sheat, Giles R. Chamberlin, P. Gentry, Jonathan S. Leggatt, David J. McCartney, [1992]

High-resolution inserts in wide-angle head-mounted stereoscopic displays
Eric M. Howlett, [1992]

Advantage of single-lens stereopsis
William J. Carter, [1992]

Monitor selection criteria for stereoscopic displays
Lhary Meyer, [1992]

Virtual Environments Applications of Stereoscopic Displays

Stereoscopic video and the quest for virtual reality: an annotated bibliography of selected topics, part II
Michael R. Starks, [1992]

Low-cost helmet-mounted camera/display system for field testing teleoperator tasks
Robert E. Cole, Curtis S. Ikehara, John O. Merritt, [1992]

User evaluation of a stereoscopic display for space-training applications
Arthur M. Gorski, [1992]

Measurement and calibration of static distortion of position data from 3D trackers
Steve T. Bryson, [1992]

Virtual environment display for a 3D audio room simulation
William L. Chapin, Scott Foster, [1992]

Stereoscopic Displays and Applications IV (1993)

Session 1

Stereoscopic display employing head-position tracking using large format lenses
Tomohiko Hattori, [1993]

Stereoscopic real-time and multiplexed video system
Lenny Lipton, [1993]

Interactive volume-scanning 3D display with an optical relay system and multidimensional input devices
Ken-ichi Kameyama, Koichi Ohtomi, Yukio Fukui, [1993]

New realistic 3D surface microtopography visualization technique
Yiping Xu, Chiayu Ai, [1993]

Telecommunications applications for 3D imaging systems
David J. McCartney, Dennis E. Sheat, Giles R. Chamberlin, David S. Travis, [1993]

Image distortions in stereoscopic video systems
Andrew J. Woods, Tom Docherty, Rolf Koch, [1993]

Effects of perspective distortion in stereoscopic video displays
Curtis S. Ikehara, Robert E. Cole, John O. Merritt, [1993]

Using stereoscopic video for defense teleoperation
David Drascic, Julius J. Grodski, [1993]

Session 2

Training pilots to visualize large-scale spatial relationships in a stereoscopic display
Lyn Mowafy, Richard A. Thurman, [1993]

Interactive design of rational Bezier tensor product surfaces in stereo
Jay Wright, David F. McAllister, [1993]

Interactive manipulation of quadric surfaces in stereo
Jeffrey Taylor, David F. McAllister, [1993]

Binocular interaction neural network model using parallel channel architecture
Thomas Y. P. Lee, Clark C. Guest, [1993]

Cyclopean stereo vision for depth perception
Chih-Ping Yeh, Shinping Robert Wang, [1993]

Edge-pixel-based stereo correspondence through ordering-oriented neural networks
Pepe Siy, Joe-E Hu, [1993]

New 3D from 2D visual display process
Kenneth J. Dunkley, [1993]

Low-cost universal stereoscopic virtual reality interfaces
Michael R. Starks, [1993]

Utilizing 6D head-tracking data for stereoscopic computer-graphics perspective transformations
Robert A. Akka, [1993]

Effects of lag and frame rate on various tracking tasks
Steve T. Bryson, [1993]

Visual-motor correspondence in stereoscopic video displays for teleoperated manipulator tasks
Curtis S. Ikehara, Robert E. Cole, John O. Merritt, [1993]

Developments in autosterioscopic technology at Dimension Technologies Inc.
Jesse B. Eichenlaub, [1993]

Stereoscopic Displays and Virtual Reality Systems (1994)

New Developments in Stereoscopic Display Technologies I

Autostereoscopic display with high brightness and power efficiency
Jesse B. Eichenlaub, [1994]

System performance requirements for a head-tracking autostereoscopic display
Todd C. Touris, [1994]

Interactive stereoscopic image display system for personal computers
Atsushi Miyazawa, Kazuya Shimizu, Kazutoshi Sugimoto, [1994]

HDTV single camera 3D system and its application in microsurgery
Ryo Mochizuki, Shigeaki Kobayashi, [1994]

Combined motion and depth estimation based on multiocular image sequences for 3DTV
Robert Skerjanc, [1994]

Human factor requirements for a stereoscopic television service: admissible contrast differences between the two channels of a stereoscopic camera
Jerome Fournier, Thierry Alpert, [1994]

Software Issues in Stereoscopic Displays

Geometry of binocular imaging
Victor S. Grinberg, Gregg W. Podnar, Mel Siegel, [1994]

Processing of stereo image pairs: elimination of depth planes using the 'cut-plane' procedure
Robert S. Ledley, Richard E. Frye, [1994]

Depth painting: the interactive transformation of existing images into stereoscopic 3D
Perry Hoberman, [1994]

Stereoscopic imaging in a window on a computer monitor: a new implementation of an old idea
Michael A. Weissman, [1994]

Reducing crosstalk between stereoscopic views
James S. Lipscomb, Wayne L. Wooten, [1994]

Digital correction of keystoning caused by image translation
David F. McAllister, [1994]

Data compression of an autostereoscopic 3D image
Toshiaki Fujii, Hiroshi Harashima, [1994]

Viewing model for stereoscopic head-mounted displays
David A. Southard, [1994]

New Developments in Stereoscopic Display Technologies II

High-resolution immersion viewer
Lenny Lipton, [1994]

Study on a stereoscopic display system employing eye-position tracking for multi-viewers
Nobuji Tetsutani, Katsuyuki Omura, Fumio Kishino, [1994]

Stereoscopic liquid crystal display I (general description)
Tomohiko Hattori, Sadayuki Sakuma, Kunimasa Katayama, Shigeru Omori, Mitsuko Hayashi, Midori Yokoi, [1994]

Stereoscopic liquid crystal display II (practical application)
Yoko Nishida, Tomohiko Hattori, Sadayuki Sakuma, Kunimasa Katayama, Shigeru Omori, Tsuneo Fukuyo, [1994]

Single-camera three-dimensional laparoscopic system
Edwin R. Jones, A. Porter McLaurin, [1994]

Three-dimensional x-ray display techniques
J. Paul Owain Evans, Simon X. Godber, Max Robinson, [1994]

X-ray stereoscopy in real time with Reverse Geometry X-ray imaging
Richard D. Albert, Thomas M. Albert, [1994]

Performance evaluation of viewpoint-controlled displays for teleoperated robots
Roger A. Browse, Scott Little, [1994]

Stereoscopic Displays Applications

Novel 3D stereoscopic imaging technology
Sadeg M. Faris, [1994]

Voxel-based spatial display
Duncan L. MacFarlane, George R. Schultz, Paul D. Higley, Jon Meyer, [1994]

Field trials of stereoscopic video with an underwater remotely operated vehicle
Andrew J. Woods, Tom Docherty, Rolf Koch, [1994]

Design of studies to test the effectiveness of stereo imaging truth or dare: is stereo viewing really better?
J. Hsu, Zygmunt Pizlo, C. F. Babbs, David M. Chelberg, Edward J. Delp, [1994]

Effective use of stereoptic 3D cueing to declutter complex flight displays
Steven P. Williams, Russell V. Parrish, Dean E. Nold, [1994]

Stereoscopic system for measuring particle trajectories past an underwater model
H.-T. Liu, Michael A. Weissman, Gary B. White, G. E. Miner, W. T. Gustafson, [1994]

Stereoscopic viewing of atomic structures
Victor J. Duvanenko, Woodrow E. Robbins, [1994]

Panoramic line-scan imaging system for teleoperator control
Simon X. Godber, Richard S. Petty, Max Robinson, J. Paul Owain Evans, [1994]

Compression of stereo image pairs and streams
Mel Siegel, Priyan Gunatilake, Sriram Sethuraman, Angel G. Jordan, [1994]

Virtual endoscope
A. Porter McLaurin, Edwin R. Jones, [1994]

Enabling Technologies I

Self-tracking of human motion for virtual reality systems
Dorothy Strickland, Avni Patel, Charles Stovall, Jay Palmer, David F. McAllister, [1994]

New approaches in magnetic sensing for tracking devices
Mark Clymer, Glenn Graves, [1994]

Portable virtual environment generator: InterFACE
David J. Frerichs, [1994]

Enabling Technologies II

Interactive stereoscopy optimization for head-mounted displays
Patrick Min, Hans Jense, [1994]

Color and high-resolution head-mounted display
Katsuaki Fukai, Hisashi Amafuji, Yoshiyuki Murata, [1994]

Proliferation of counterbalanced, CRT-based stereoscopic displays for virtual environment viewing and control
Mark T. Bolas, Eric R. Lorimer, Ian E. McDowall, R. X. Mead, [1994]

Building Applications I

Dynamic gesture recognition using neural networks: a fundament for advanced interaction construction
Klaus Boehm, Wolfgang Broll, Michael A. Sokolewicz, [1994]

Virtual devices: tools to remotely develop virtual environments
William R. Sherman, [1994]

Gestural interaction in a virtual environment
Richard H. Jacoby, Mark Ferneau, Jim Humphries, [1994]

Hands-off interaction with menus in virtual spaces
Rudolph P. Darken, [1994]

Object-level parallelism in a virtual environment architecture
David A. Southard, [1994]

Building Applications II

Virtual reality and virtual bodies
Catherine Richards, Larry W. Korba, Christopher D. Shaw, Mark Green, [1994]

Menagerie: designing a virtual experience
Scott S. Fisher, Susan Amkraut, Michael Girard, Mark Trayle, [1994]

Computer animation for minimally invasive surgery: computer system requirements and preferred implementations
Steven D. Pieper, Michael McKenna, David Chen, Ian E. McDowall, [1994]

Tools and metatools for interacting with a virtual environment
Henry A. Sowizral, [1994]

Stereoscopic Displays and Virtual Reality Systems II (1995)

New Developments in Stereoscopic Displays Technologies I

Three-dimensional (3D) imaging systems for video communication applications
Michael R. Jewell, Giles R. Chamberlin, Dennis E. Sheat, Peter Cochrane, David J. McCartney, [1995]

Viewpoint-dependent stereoscopic display using interpolation of multiviewpoint images
Akihiro Katayama, Koichiro Tanaka, Takahiro Oshino, Hideyuki Tamura, [1995]

Head-tracked stereoscopic display using image warping
Leonard McMillan, Gary Bishop, [1995]

New autostereoscopic display system
David Ezra, Graham J. Woodgate, Basil Arthur Omar, Nicolas S. Holliman, Jonathan Harrold, Larry S. Shapiro, [1995]

On-the-wall stereoscopic liquid crystal display
Tomohiko Hattori, [1995]

Autostereoscopic-projection displays
Jesse B. Eichenlaub, Jamie M. Hutchins, [1995]

New Developments in Stereoscopic Displays Technologies II

Three-dimensional projection systems with vertical enhancement
Lowell Noble, [1995]

Stereoscopic imaging via rotation and translation
Michael A. Weissman, [1995]

Three-dimensional (3D) textures using stereo kaleidoscopes
David F. McAllister, Dafan Pang, [1995]

Stereoscopic triangulation control of a robot using wide-angle imaging
Walter R. Walsh, Peter Hansen, H. Lee Martin, Masamura Yamaji, [1995]

Three-dimensional optical display with movable intervening medium
Vladimir I. Girnyk, Vitalij N. Kurashov, Yaroslav I. Mihyeyev, [1995]

New Developments in Stereoscopic Displays Technologies III

Simplification of infrared illumination of stereoscopic liquid crystal TV
Yoko Nishida, Tomohiko Hattori, Shigeru Omori, Jun Suzuki, Kunimasa Katayama, Sadayuki Sakuma, [1995]

Prototype flat panel hologram-like display that produces multiple perspective views at full resolution
Jesse B. Eichenlaub, Dan Hollands, Jamie M. Hutchins, [1995]

Novel low-cost 2D/3D switchable autostereoscopic system for notebook computers and other portable devices
Jesse B. Eichenlaub, [1995]

Electronic capture and display of full-parallax 3D images
Michael Brewin, Matthew C. Forman, Neil A. Davies, [1995]

New three-dimensional visualization system based on angular image differentiation
Juan D. Montes, Pascual Campoy, [1995]

Calibration system for a new 3D autostereoscopic device based on angular differentiation
Miguel A Lazaro, Juan D. Montes, Pascual Campoy, Jesus Gomez, Francisco Penafiel, Luis Fernandez, Rafael Aracil, [1995]

Software Issues in Stereoscopic Displays

Geometry of binocular imaging II: the augmented eye
Victor S. Grinberg, Gregg W. Podnar, Mel Siegel, [1995]

Algorithm for dynamic disparity adjustment
Colin Ware, Cyril Gobrecht, Mark Paton, [1995]

Broadcast-quality-stereoscopic video in a time-critical entertainment and corporate environment
Jean-Philippe Gay, [1995]

Three-dimensional (3D) stereoscopic X windows
Scott A. Safier, Mel Siegel, [1995]

Double-buffering technique for binocular imaging in a window
Jeffrey S. McVeigh, Victor S. Grinberg, Mel Siegel, [1995]

Photogrammetric determination of the location and orientation of a group of cameras for a perspective transformation on a new autostereoscopic display
Francisco Penafiel, Jesus Gomez, Juan D. Montes, Pascual Campoy, Javier Fernandez, Rafael Aracil, [1995]

Stereoscopic computer graphics for ultrasonic medical data
Isabelle R. Dautraix, Isabelle E. Magnin, [1995]

Enabling Technologies I

Video support platform for virtual environment applications
Jim Humphries, Sam Eriskin, Joe D. Deardon, Michael W. McGreevy, Scott S. Fisher, [1995]

Diffractive optics for head-mounted displays
W. Hudson Welch, Michael R. Feldman, Robert D. TeKolste, [1995]

Alternative display and interaction devices
Mark T. Bolas, Ian E. McDowall, R. X. Mead, Eric R. Lorimer, Jim E. Hackbush, Christian Greuel, [1995]

Role of computer vision in augmented virtual reality
Rajeev Sharma, Jose Molineros, [1995]

Enabling Technologies II

Bridge between developers and virtual environments: a robust virtual environment system architecture
Rudolph P. Darken, Cynthia Tonnesen, Kimberly Passarella-Jones, [1995]

Increased productivity through Modeltime behaviors
Paul Mlyniec, Daniel Mapes, [1995]

Virtual Sensors
Henry A. Sowizral, [1995]

Time-realistic 3D computer graphics (CG) simulator sight
Hiroshi Kamada, Katsuhiko Hirota, Kaori Suzuki, Atsuko Tada, Asako Yumoto, Shigeru Sasaki, [1995]

Building Applications I

Gloveless interface for interaction in scientific visualization virtual environments
Mark Ferneau, Jim Humphries, [1995]

Three-dimensional (3D) object manipulation techniques: immersive versus nonimmersive interfaces
Daniel Mapes, Paul Mlyniec, [1995]

Embedding the 2D interaction metaphor in a real 3D virtual environment
Ian G. Angus, Henry A. Sowizral, [1995]

Building Applications II

Recent developments in virtual experience design and production
Scott S. Fisher, [1995]

Bar code hotel: diverse interactions of semi-autonomous entities under the partial control of multiple operators
Perry Hoberman, [1995]

Stereoscopic Displays and Virtual Reality Systems III (1996)

Keynote Address

Deep image: 3D in art and science
Ray Zone, [1996]

Autostereoscopic Displays

Time-multiplexed color autostereoscopic display
John R. Moore, Neil A. Dodgson, Adrian R. L. Travis, Stewart R. Lang, [1996]

Prototype magnified and collimated autostereoscopic displays
Jesse B. Eichenlaub, [1996]

Multiview 3D LCD
Cees van Berkel, David W. Parker, Antony R. Franklin, [1996]

Autostereoscopy in industry
Jesse B. Eichenlaub, Mark E. Katafiaz, [1996]

Eye-position tracking stereoscopic display using image-shifting optics
Hiroshi Imai, Masao Imai, Yukio Ogura, Keiichi Kubota, [1996]

Autostereoscopic display system
Phil V. Harman, [1996]

Autostereoscopic display using holographic optical elements
David J. Trayner, Edwina Orr, [1996]

Single-Lens Stereoscopy

Single-lens stereoscopy: a historical and technical overview
William J. Carter, Michael A. Weissman, [1996]

Disparity and distortion-free stereoscopic fiberscope
Tomohiko Hattori, Toshihisa Nakamura, Jun Suzuki, Masaru Kurio, Mitsutoshi Yaegashi, Sadayuki Sakuma, [1996]

Approaches to stereoscopic video based on spatiotemporal interpolation
Baxter J. Garcia, [1996]

New television with 2D/3D image conversion technologies
Toshiyuki Okino, Haruhiko Murata, Kenji Taima, Toshiya Iinuma, Kazunobu Oketani, [1996]

Telepresence and Augmented Reality

Stereo vision and telepresence
Jean Claude Bordas, Philippe Fuchs, Dominique Ernadotte, [1996]

Telerobotic control with stereoscopic augmented reality
Anu Rastogi, Paul Milgram, David Drascic, Julius J. Grodski, [1996]

Perceptual issues in augmented reality
David Drascic, Paul Milgram, [1996]

Marking spatial parts within stereoscopic video images
Constance Belz, Klaus Boehm, Thanh Duong, Volker Kuehn, Martin Weber, [1996]

Stereoscopic Vision and Human Factors

Geometry of binocular imaging III: wide-angle and fish-eye lenses
Victor S. Grinberg, Mel Siegel, [1996]

Parallax scanning using a single lens
Christopher A. Mayhew, Aron Bacs, [1996]

Personal perceptual and cognitive property for 3D recognition
Takeshi Matozaki, Akihiko Tanisita, [1996]

Predicting remote view performance for tasks with different visual information content
Curtis S. Ikehara, Robert E. Cole, John O. Merritt, [1996]

New Developments in Stereoscopic Displays and Applications

Disparity estimation with object-contour information for synthesizing intermediate view images
Takeo Azuma, Kenya Uomori, Atsushi Morimura, [1996]

Derivation of 2.5D image models from one-dimensional x-ray image sensors
J. Paul Owain Evans, Simon X. Godber, Max Robinson, [1996]

Expert system for neurosurgical treatment planning
Andrew Y. S. Cheng, Sally S. Y. Chung, John C. K. Kwok, [1996]

New hardware and software for stereo graphics and video
Michael R. Starks, [1996]

3D video standards conversion
Andrew J. Woods, Tom Docherty, Rolf Koch, [1996]

Universal electronic stereoscopic display
Lenny Lipton, Jeff Halnon, [1996]

Tools and Analyses

Electronic Mimosa
Sanjay Gupta, Meera S. Datta, Vivek Rana, Shailesh Grover, [1996]

Off-axial HMD optical system consisting of aspherical surfaces without rotational symmetry
Hiroaki Hoshi, Naosato Taniguchi, Hideki Morishima, Takeshi Akiyama, Shouichi Yamazaki, Atsushi Okuyama, [1996]

Use of force feedback to enhance graphical user interfaces
Louis B. Rosenberg, Scott Brave, [1996]

Evaluating visual and auditory enhancements to a virtual object- manipulation task
Kenneth Nemire, [1996]

Physiological approach to optimal stereographic game programming: a technical guide
William L. Martens, Robert McRuer, C. Timothy Childs, Erik Viirree, [1996]

Improved temporal response in virtual environments through system hardware and software reorganization
Richard H. Jacoby, Bernard Dov Adelstein, Stephen R. Ellis, [1996]

Framework for integrating sound into virtual environment interfaces
Hesham Fouad, James K. Hahn, [1996]

VR + AI= intelligent environments: a synergistic approach to engineering design support
Rudolph P. Darken, Christian J. Darken, [1996]

Tools and Applications

Frontiers in user interface design: wearable computers
Michael R. Clark, [1996]

Sculpting 3D worlds with music: advanced texturing techniques
Christian Greuel, Mark T. Bolas, Niko Bolas, Ian E. McDowall, [1996]

Stereo Texture Facades
Ian E. McDowall, Mark T. Bolas, [1996]

Validation and verification of a virtual environment for training naval submarine officers
David L. Zeltzer, Nicholas J. Pioch, [1996]

Engineering applications of virtual reality
James R. Smith, Robert V. Grimes, Tony A. Plant, [1996]

Stereoscopic Displays and Virtual Reality Systems IV (1997)

Human Factors And Evaluation of Stereoscopic Displays

How hyperstereopsis can improve the accuracy of spatial perception: an experimental approach
D. E. Sipes, V. Grayson CuQlock-Knopp, Warren Torgerson, John O. Merritt, [1997]

Comparison of a new glasses-free three-dimensional screen, a passive-glasses three-dimensional screen, and a two-dimensional imaging system for use in laparoscopic surgery
Pedram Salimpour, Cadence A. Kim, Wayne LaMorte, Desmond H. Birkett, Richard K. Babayan, [1997]

Autostereoscopic display for radiotherapy planning
Roger J. Hubbold, David J. Hancock, Christopher J. Moore, [1997]

Stereoscopic display using multimedia and depth sense test
Jiaxin Wang, Zaixing Zhang, Peifa Jia, Zhen Ye, [1997]

Stereoscopic layout of a perspective flight guidance display
Matthias Hammer, Stephan K. M. Muecke, Udo Mayer, [1997]

Evaluation of a 3D autostereoscopic display for telerobotic operations
Ben C. Lee, Mark E. Katafiaz, [1997]

Printed circuit board visual inspection performance: a comparative analysis of mono- and stereovision macroscopic views
Steven F. Wiker, Ken Stewart, Tommey Meyers, Peregrin Spielholz, [1997]

Stereoscopic Camera Systems

Time-multiplexed autostereoscopic camera system
Neil A. Dodgson, John R. Moore, Stewart R. Lang, [1997]

Stereoscopic camera system for live-action and sports productions
Craig Adkins, [1997]

Development of a compact underwater stereoscopic video camera
Andrew J. Woods, John D. Penrose, Dan Clark, [1997]

Sliding-aperture multiview 3D camera-projector system and its application for 3D image transmission and IR to visible conversion
Sergei A. Shestak, Jung-Young Son, Hyung-Wook Jeon, Victor G. Komar, [1997]

Stereoscopic Image Generation

Conversion system of monocular image sequence to stereo using motion parallax
Yukinori Matsumoto, Hajime Terasaki, Kazuhide Sugimoto, Tsutomu Arakawa, [1997]

Shape initialization of 3D objects in videoconference scenes
Thomas B. Riegel, Andre Kaup, [1997]

Parallax engine: a display generation architecture for motion parallax and stereoscopic display effects
Ray M. Broemmelsiek, [1997]

Stereoscopic 3D graphics generation
Zhi Li, Jianping Liu, Y. Zan, [1997]

Autostereoscopic Displays

Stereoscopic projection display using curved directional reflection screen
Tetsuya Ohshima, Osamu Komoda, Yoshiyuki Kaneko, Akira Arimoto, [1997]

Retroreflective screens and their application to autostereoscopic displays
Phil V. Harman, [1997]

Hologramlike video images by 45-view stereoscopic display
Yoshihiro Kajiki, Hiroshi Yoshikawa, Toshio Honda, [1997]

Developments in autostereoscopic displays using holographic optical elements
David J. Trayner, Edwina Orr, [1997]

3D image technique with a grating plate on high-resolution CRT
Tetsuya Shiroishi, Takafumi Nakagawa, Shuhei Nakata, Kunihiko Nishimura, [1997]

Characterization and optimization of 3D-LCD module design
Cees van Berkel, John A. Clarke, [1997]

Observer-tracking autostereoscopic 3D display systems
Graham J. Woodgate, David Ezra, Jonathan Harrold, Nicolas S. Holliman, Graham R. Jones, Richard R. Moseley, [1997]

Research of 3D display using anamorphic optics
Kenji Matsumoto, Toshio Honda, [1997]

Autostereoscopic video display with motion parallax
Stephen P. Hines, [1997]

Stereoscopic Image Formats And Compression Methods

Compression of full-parallax integral 3D-TV image data
Matthew C. Forman, Amar Aggoun, [1997]

Compression and interpolation of 3D stereoscopic and multiview video
Mel Siegel, Sriram Sethuraman, Jeffrey S. McVeigh, Angel G. Jordan, [1997]

Stereo-vision formats for video and computer graphics
Lenny Lipton, [1997]

New Developments In Stereoscopic Displays

Full-color 3D prints and transparencies
Julius J. Scarpetti, Philip M. DuBois, Richard M. Friedhoff, Vivian K. Walworth, [1997]

New color anaglyph method
Tomohiko Hattori, Eiji Arita, Toshihisa Nakamura, Masaru Kurio, Sadayuki Sakuma, [1997]

Focus-distance-controlled 3D TV
Nobuaki Yanagisawa, Kyung-tae Kim, Jung-Young Son, Tatsuya Murata, Takatoshi Orima, [1997]

Emitting diagram control method for solid-object 3D display
Jung-Young Son, Sergei A. Shestak, Yong-Jin Choi, Kyung-tae Kim, [1997]

Applications of Stereoscopic Displays

Lightweight, compact 2D/3D autostereoscopic LCD backlight for games, monitor, and notebook applications
Jesse B. Eichenlaub, [1997]

Real-Depth imaging: a new 3D imaging technology with inexpensive direct-view (no glasses) video and other applications
Eugene Dolgoff, [1997]

Role of stereoscopic imaging in the astronomical study of nearby stars and planetary systems
David S. Mark, Corby Waste, [1997]

3D moviemap and a 3D panorama
Michael Naimark, [1997]

Poster Session

Task-dependent use of binocular disparity and motion parallax information within telepresence and quasi-natural environments
Andrew D. Parton, Mark F. Bradshaw, John R. G. Pretlove, Bart De Bruyn, Ian R. L. Davies, [1997]

Effects of image resolution on depth perception in stereo and nonstereo images
Kai-Mikael Jaeae-Aro, Lars Kjelldahl, [1997]

3D stereo 360-deg panoptic
Michel J. Dusariez, [1997]

Ray space representation for 3D image processing
Toshiaki Fujii, Tadahiko Kimoto, Masayuki Tanimoto, [1997]

Spatial-light-modulator-based three-dimensional multiplanar display
Mark A. A. Neil, Edward G. S. Paige, Leon O. D. Sucharov, [1997]

Usefulness of observer-controlled camera angle in telepresence systems depends on the nature of the task: passive perceptual judgments compared to perceptual motor performance
Joerg W. Huber, Ian R. L. Davies, [1997]

Directional display
Hakan Lennerstad, [1997]

Part B The Engineering Reality of Virtual Reality 1997

Creation and Evaluation of Virtual Environments

MARTI: man-machine animation real-time interface
Christian Martyn Jones, Satnam Singh Dlay, [1997]

Realistic image generation using model-driven processing in an interactive system
Toshifumi Miyagi, Atsushi Hori, Hideo Sugama, Yo Murao, Hajime Enomoto, [1997]

ROSE: the road simulation environment
Panos Liatsis, Panogiotis Mitronikas, [1997]

Body sway induced by 3D images
Miho Hoshino, Minoru Takahashi, Kenji Oyamada, Masao Ohmi, Tatuya Yoshizawa, [1997]

Evaluating an immersive virtual environment prototyping and simulation system
Kenneth Nemire, [1997]

Immersive Displays

Compact and wide-field-of-view head-mounted display
Shoichi Uchiyama, Hiroshi Kamakura, Joji Karasawa, Masafumi Sakaguchi, Takeshi Furihata, Yoshitaka Itoh, [1997]

Virtual model displays
Mark T. Bolas, Steve T. Bryson, Ian E. McDowall, [1997]

New generation of 3D desktop computer interfaces
Robert Skerjanc, Siegmund Pastoor, [1997]

Controlling graphic objects naturally: use your head
Roger A. Browse, James C. Rodger, Ian Sewell, Jeffrey Brooke, [1997]

Let'smoveon theintegration ofmotion renderinginVR
Udo Jakob, Efi Douloumi, [1997]

Augmented Reality And Medical Applications

Video engraving for virtual environments
Geb Thomas, Theodore T. Blackmon, Michael Sims, Daryl Rassmussen, [1997]

Augmented reality using range images
Christian L. Schutz, Heinz Hugli, [1997]

Haptic display for the VR arthroscopy training simulator
Rolf Ziegler, Christoph Brandt, Christian Kunstmann, Wolfgang Mueller, Holger Werkhaeuser, [1997]

VERS: a virtual environment for reconstructive surgery planning
Kevin N. Montgomery, [1997]

Viewpoints On VR

Failings and future of VR
William R. Cockayne, Rudolph P. Darken, [1997]

Circulating images of virtual systems: trodes, gloves, and goggles in the eighties and nineties
Mizuko Ito, Scott S. Fisher, [1997]

Stereoscopic Displays and Virtual Reality Systems V (1998)

Keynote Address

Imager for Mars Pathfinder experiment (IMP): a multispectral stereo imaging system
Peter H. Smith, [1998]

Stereoscopic Imaging With Personal Computers

Solving the interface problem for Windows stereo applications
Jeff Halnon, Dave Milici, [1998]

Software issues for PC-based stereoscopic displays: how to make PC users see stereo
Donald Sawdai, Gregory J. Hamlin, David Swift, [1998]

Development of stereoscopic software tools for Windows 95 and Windows NT computer applications
David C. Qualman, [1998]

Stereoscopic Image Synthesis

Stereo pairs from linear morphing
David F. McAllister, [1998]

Robust quadtree-based disparity estimation for the reconstruction of intermediate stereoscopic images
Anthony Mancini, Janusz Konrad, [1998]

Stereoscopic conversion of monoscopic video by the transformation of vertical-to-horizontal disparity
Man-Bae Kim, Mun-Sup Song, Do-Kyoon Kim, Kwang-Chul Choi, [1998]

Synthesis of a high-resolution 3D stereoscopic image pair from a high-resolution monoscopic image and a low-resolution depth map
Kyung-tae Kim, Mel Siegel, Jung-Young Son, [1998]

Synthesizing new views from a pair of stereo images
Tsi Yi Chao, Hsueh Ming Hang, Sheng-Jyh Wang, [1998]

Theoretical Issues In Stereoscopic Displays

Resampling radially captured images for perspectively correct stereoscopic display
Neil A. Dodgson, [1998]

Orthostereoscopic conditions for 3D HDTV
Hirokazu Yamanoue, M. Nagayama, M. Bitou, J. Tanada, [1998]

Improved Byatt modulator
Lenny Lipton, Jeff Halnon, Bruce Dorworth, Jeff Woupio, [1998]

Simple method for automatic vergence control of the parallel stereo camera
Soon-Yong Park, Young-Su Choi, Nam-Ho Lee, Jae-Wan Cho, Yong-Bum Lee, [1998]

Compensation of 3D image perspective distortion using a sliding-aperture multistereoscopic technique
Sergei A. Shestak, Jung-Young Son, Jea-Soon Kim, [1998]

Stereoscopic Display Applications And New Developments

Virtual museum of Japanese Buddhist temple features for intercultural communication
Takashi Kawai, Hidenobu Takao, Tetsuri Inoue, Hiroyuki Miyamoto, Kageyu Noro, [1998]

Information visualization and retrieval using stereoscopic display of document and term relations
Richard H. Fowler, Wendy A. Lawrence Fowler, [1998]

Practical remote control system using work point tracking method
Masakazu Usui, Teruaki Mitsui, Katsutoshi Fujii, Naonori Ono, Yoshinori Niwa, [1998]

New stereoscopic video camera and monitor system with central high resolution
Katsuya Matsunaga, Yasuhiro Nose, Masahiko Minamoto, Kazunori Shidoji, Kazuhisa Ebuchi, Daisuke Itoh, Tomonori Inoue, Taketo Hayami, Yuji Matsuki, Yuko Arikawa, Kenjiro Matsubara, [1998]

Development of a stereoscopic haptic acoustic real-time computer (SHARC)
Tom Chen, Peter Young, David Anderson, Jiang Yu, Shojiro Nagata, [1998]

Autostereoscopic Displays

Lightweight compact 2D/3D autostereoscopic LCD backlight for games, monitor, and notebook applications
Jesse B. Eichenlaub, [1998]

Wide-viewing-area glassless stereoscopic display using multiple projectors
Akira Arimoto, Tetsuya Ooshima, Tomoyuki Tani, Yoshiyuki Kaneko, [1998]

Rear-cross-lenticular 3D display without eyeglasses
Hideki Morishima, Hiroyasu Nose, Naosato Taniguchi, Kazutaka Inoguchi, Susumu Matsumura, [1998]

Dresden 3D display (D4D)
Armin Schwerdtner, Holger Heidrich, [1998]

Improved rendering of parallax panoramagrams for a time-multiplexed autostereoscopic display
Adam Kalai, Mel Siegel, [1998]

Multiview 3D imaging system with full-color capabilities
Jung-Young Son, Victor G. Komar, You Seek Chun, Sergei Sabo, Victor Mayorov, L. Balasny, S. Belyaev, Mihail Semin, M. Krutik, Hyung-Wook Jeon, [1998]

Human Factor Issues in 3D Displays

Psychovisual aspects of viewing stereoscopic video sequences
Wa James Tam, Lew B. Stelmach, Philip J. Corriveau, [1998]

Depth reversals in stereoscopic displays driven by apparent size
Gunnar Sacher, Amy Hayes, Ian M. Thornton, Margaret E. Sereno, Allen D. Malony, [1998]

Stereo depth and the control of locomotive heading
Simon K. Rushton, Julie M. Harris, [1998]

Stereoscopic Image Coding

Ray-space coding based on arbitrarily shaped DCT
Toshiaki Fujii, Tadahiko Kimoto, Masayuki Tanimoto, [1998]

Depth-controlled 3D TV image coding
Armando Chiari, Bruno Ciciani, Milton Romero, Riccardo Rossi, [1998]

Development of a digital 3D broadcasting system using progressively scanned digital broadcasting
Yukiko Soga, Hidehiko Kikuchi, Satoshi Miyabayashi, Yuji Yamamoto, Morio Matsudaira, Masatoshi Yuasa, [1998]

Poster Session

Image-side perspective and stereoscopy
John Bercovitz, [1998]

Part B The Engineering Reality of Virtual Reality

Environments And Worlds

Development of a chaotic environment engine for dynamic virtual world heritage environments
Scot Thrane Refsland, Takeo Ojika, Robert Stone, [1998]

Legoworld: a multisensory environment for virtual prototyping
Peter Young, Tom Chen, David Anderson, Jiang Yu, Shojiro Nagata, [1998]

Creating virtual environments over the Internet
Tom Chen, Sendra Ricardo, Peter Young, David Anderson, Jiang Yu, Shojiro Nagata, [1998]

Human Interface

Incorporating the viewer's point of regard (POR) in gaze-contingent virtual environments
Andrew T. Duchowski, [1998]

Head tracking for the control of virtual viewpoint direction
Roger A. Browse, James C. Rodger, Irfon-Kim Ahmad, [1998]

Human-scale interaction for virtual model displays: a clear case for real tools
George C. Williams, Ian E. McDowall, Mark T. Bolas, [1998]

Systems And Techniques

Interactive realization system of visual reality using hierarchical model-driven concurrent processing
Hajime Enomoto, Yo Murao, [1998]

DWTP: a basis for networked VR on the Internet
Wolfgang Broll, Daniel Schick, [1998]

Panorama video server system
Takayuki Okimura, Kazuo Kimura, Kenji Nakazawa, Hideki Nakajima, [1998]

Combining 3D structure of real video and synthetic objects
Man-Bae Kim, Mun-Sup Song, Do-Kyoon Kim, [1998]

Low-cost real-time 3D PC distributed-interactive-simulation (DIS) application for C4I
David L. Gonthier, Harry Veron, [1998]


Engineering virtual-environment-based training simulators
Hans Jense, Frido Kuijper, [1998]

Augmented reality using GPS
Juwan Kim, Haedong Kim, Byungtae Jang, Jungsik Kim, Donghyun Kim, [1998]

Virtual Explorer: creating interactive 3D virtual environments for education
Kevin L. Dean, Xylar S. Asay-Davis, Evan M. Finn, Jeremy A. Friesner, Bret J. Naylor, Sarah R. Wustner, Scott S. Fisher, Kent R. Wilson, [1998]

Individual combatant simulator for tactics training and mission rehearsal
Kenneth Nemire, [1998]

Stereoscopic Displays and Virtual Reality Systems VI (1999)

Dynamic focusing in head-mounted displays
Jannick P. Rolland, Myron W. Krueger, Alexei A. Goon, [1999]

Tracking systems and the value of inertial technology
Frido Kuijper, Andre T. Smits, Hans Jense, [1999]

Thin wide-field-of-view HMD with free-form-surface prism and applications
Shoichi Yamazaki, Kazutaka Inoguchi, Yoshihiro Saito, Hideki Morishima, Naosato Taniguchi, [1999]

plus 48 more papers

Stereoscopic Displays and Virtual Reality Systems VII (2000)

Stereoscopic Vision and Human Factors

Is eye damage caused by stereoscopic displays?
Udo Mayer, Markus D. Neumann, Wolfgang Kubbat, Kurt Landau, [2000]

Effects of stereoscopic filming parameters and display duration on the subjective assessment of eye strain
Wijnand A. Ijsselsteijn, Huib de Ridder, Joyce Vliegen, [2000]

Video-based augmented-reality stereoscopic system: an application to traffic scenes
Jan P. Arboleda Aguinaga, Antonio B. Martinez, Enric X. Martin, Carles Torrens, Jaume Figueras, [2000]

Bandwidth reduction for stereoscopic video signals
Wa James Tam, Lew B. Stelmach, Daniel V. Meegan, Andre Vincent, [2000]

Effect of eye position on the projected stimulus distance in a binocular head-mounted display
Jeffrey W. McCandless, Stephen R. Ellis, [2000]

Medical Applications

Stereo fundus photography: automatic evaluation of retinal topography
Alexander L. Berestov, [2000]

Three-dimensional display system for medical imaging with computer-generated integral photography
Susumu Nakajima, Ken Masamune, Ichiro Sakuma, Takeyoshi Dohi, [2000]

Intraoperative presentation of surgical planning and simulation results using a stereoscopic see-through head-mounted display
Tobias Salb, Jakob Brief, Oliver Burgert, Steffan Hassfeld, Ruediger Dillman, [2000]

Digital Stereoscopic Imaging

Stereoscopic correspondence by applying physical constraints and statistical observations to dissimilarity map
Tsi Y. Chao, Sheng-Jyh Wang, Hsueh-Ming Hang, [2000]

Dense-disparity estimation from feature correspondences
Janusz Konrad, Zhong-Dan Landau, [2000]

Disparity-based view interpolation for multiple-perspective stereoscopic displays
Ho-Chao Huang, Ching-Che Kao, Yung-Chieh Lin, Yi-Ping Hung, [2000]

Open-GL-based stereo system for 3D measurements
Frank Boochs, Anja Gehroff, Markus Neifer, [2000]

Standards in Stereoscopic Imaging

Display characteristics and the impact on usability for stereo
John W. Roberts, Oliver T. Slattery, [2000]

Autostereoscopic Displays I

Fabricating polymeric microretardation arrays for autostereoscopic display system by CO2-laser heat processing technology
Chao-Hsu Tsai, KuenJin Lee, KuoChung Huang, Chih Kung Lee, [2000]

Flat-panel autostereoscopic displays: characterization and enhancement
Graham J. Woodgate, Jonathan Harrold, Adrian M. Jacobs, Richard R. Moseley, David Ezra, [2000]

Image-tiling system using optically addressed spatial light modulator for high-resolution and multiview 3D display
Hyung-Wook Jeon, Adrian R. Travis, Neil Collings, Timothy D. Wilkinson, Y. Frauel, [2000]

50-in. time-multiplexed autostereoscopic display
Neil A. Dodgson, John R. Moore, Stewart R. Lang, Graham J. Martin, Peter M. Canepa, [2000]

16-view TV system based on spatial joining of viewing zones
Jung-Young Son, Vadim V. Smirnov, Kyung-tae Kim, You-Seek Chun, Sung-Sik Kim, [2000]

Eye-position detection system
Holger Heidrich, Armin Schwerdtner, Andreas Glatte, Hartmut Mix, [2000]

Autostereoscopic Displays II

Membrane-mirror-based autostereoscopic display for tele-operation and teleprescence applications
Stuart McKay, Gordon M. Mair, Steven Mason, Kenneth Revie, [2000]

Multiviewpoint autostereoscopic display system based on volume hologram
Seung-Hyun Lee, Hoon Gee Yang, Sang-Yi Yi, Kwang-Chul Son, EunSoo Kim, [2000]

3D display using intersection of light beams
Toshiyuki Sudo, Hideki Morishima, Tsutomu Osaka, Naosato Taniguchi, [2000]

Cylindrical 3D video display observable from all directions
Tomohiro Endo, Yoshihiro Kajiki, Toshio Honda, Makoto Sato, [2000]

Stereoscopic Teleoperation

Effect of the ratio difference of overlapped areas of stereoscopic images on each eye in a teleoperation
Katsuya Matsunaga, Tomohide Yamamoto, Kazunori Shidoji, Yuji Matsuki, [2000]

Judging size, distance, and depth with an active telepresence system
Annaliese M. Plooy, Julian P. Brooker, John P. Wann, Paul M. Sharkey, [2000]

Can observers exploit enhanced-disparity information to control reaching movements within telepresence environments?
Mark F. Bradshaw, Paul B. Hibbard, Rob van der Willigen, Simon J. Watt, Ian R. Davies, Neil S. Stringer, Nick Beagley, Andrew Willis, [2000]

New Developments in Stereoscopic Imaging

Eliminating pi-cell artifacts
Lenny Lipton, Jeff Halnon, Jeff Wuopio, Bruce Dorworth, [2000]

Multiresolution stereoscopic immersive communication using a set of four cameras
Takeshi Naemura, Kaoru Sugita, Takahide Takano, Hiroshi Harashima, [2000]

Stereoscopic Display Applications

Production of stereoscopic 3D movies of a Spanish monastery for a digital archive
Takashi Kawai, Takashi Shibata, Takayoshi Mochizuki, Kageyu Noro, [2000]

Developments in StereoJet technology
Julius J. Scarpetti, Philip M. DuBois, Richard M. Friedhoff, Vivian K. Walworth, [2000]

Autostereoscopic teleconferencing system
Philip V. Harmon, [2000]

Multimedia ambience communication based on actual moving pictures in a stereoscopic projection display environment
Kunio Yamada, Tadashi Ichikawa, Takeshi Naemura, Kiyoharu Aizawa, Shigeo Morishima, Takahiro Saito, [2000]

Stereo parallax and disparity in single-lens stereoscopy
Michael A. Weissman, [2000]

Poster Session

Fabrication of a large F-number lenticular plate and its use as a small-angle flat-top diffuser in autostereoscopic display screens
Chao-Hsu Tsai, Pong Lai, KuenJin Lee, Chih Kung Lee, [2000]

Using enhanced disparity information under telepresence
Neil S. Stringer, Mark. F. Bradshaw, Ian R. Davies, Nick Beagley, Andrew Willis, [2000]


Real-time interactive remote image acquisition utilizing the scope cache
Toshiki Gunji, Tatsuhiro Yonekura, [2000]

Teleconferencing system using virtual camera
Daisuke Shibuichi, Tsukasa Tanaka, Nobuyoshi Terashima, Hideyoshi Tominaga, [2000]

Supporting natural prehension in virtual environments
Annaliese M. Plooy, John P. Wann, [2000]


Building a VR narrative
Josephine Anstey, Dave Pape, Daniel J. Sandin, [2000]

RAGE visualization for Special Forces operations
Marco O. Lanzagorta, Eddy Kuo, [2000]

Pixels are good
Mark T. Bolas, Ian E. McDowall, George C. Williams, Dan Corr, Julien Berta, [2000]


Virtual reality technique to assist measurement of degree of shaking of two minarets of an ancient building
Amir S. Homainejad, Mehran Satari, [2000]

Adaptive streaming protocol for mobile-augmented-reality-based concurrent engineering
Tino Pyssysalo, [2000]

Toward immersive clay modeling: interactive modeling with octrees
Elke Moritz, Falko Kuester, Bernd Hamann, Kenneth I. Joy, Hans Hagen, [2000]

Software components for haptic constraints
Matthew A. Hutchins, [2000]

VR scientific visualization in an immersive room
Marco O. Lanzagorta, Rob Rosenberg, Eddy Kuo, [2000]


Applying hapto-visual virtual environment systems to industrial applications
Duncan R. Stevenson, Francis Bogsanyi, [2000]

Scale and collocation in hapto-visual environments
Francis Bogsanyi, Alexander M. Krumm-Heller, [2000]

Designers workbench: toward real-time immersive modeling
Falko Kuester, Mark A. Duchaineau, Bernd Hamann, Kenneth I. Joy, Kwan-Liu Ma, [2000]

Unencumbered interaction in display environments with extended working volume
Ulrich Hafner, Andreas Simon, Mario Doulis, [2000]

Additional Paper from the Engineering Reality of Virtual Reality

Survey of projection-based immersive displays
Dan Wright, [2000]

Three-Dimensional Imaging (1977)

Human Depth Perception

Geometric and Physiological Aspects of Depth Perception
Ken Nakayama, [1977]

Seeing in Depth
R. L. Gregory, [1977]

Recent Results with Dynamic Random-Dot Stereograms
Bela Julesz, [1977]

Spatial Limitations of Human Stereoscopic Vision
Christopher W. Tyler, [1977]

Six Eyes of Man
Edwin H. Land, [1977]

Three-Dimensional Displays

Digital Processing of 3-D Data to Generate Interactive Real-Time Dynamic Pictures
Stephen R. Black, [1977]

Present and Potential Capabilities of Three-Dimensional Displays using Sequential Excitation of Fluorescence
Carol M. Verber, [1977]

An Autostereoscopic CRT Display
Homer B. Tilton, [1977]

Wide-Angle Integral Photography
Roger L. de Montebello, [1977]

Operator Performance using Conventional or Stereo Video Displays
Ross L. Pepper, Robert E. Cole, David C. Smith, [1977]

Mars Viking 1975 Lander Interactive Computerized Video Stereophotogrammetry
Sidney Liebes, Jr., Arnold A. Schwartz, [1977]

Holographic Imaging

Projection-Type Holographic Displays
T. Okoshi, [1977]

Three-dimensional Information
Nils H. Abramson, [1977]

Holographic Displays

Recording of Large Size Holograms in Photographic Emulsion; Image Reconstruction
Jean-Marc Fournier, Gilbert Tribillon, Jean-Charles Vienot, [1977]

Experiences with Large-Scale Reflection and Transmission Holography
Hans I. Bjelkhagen, [1977]

Progress on the Holographic Movie Process in the USSR
V. G. Koma, [1977]

Coherence Relaxation Methods for Holography
E. N. Leith, [1977]

Imaging Properties of Holographic Stereograms
I. Glaser, A. A. Friesem, [1977]

Holographic Terrain Displays
Michael M. McDonnell, [1977]

Applications to Biomedical Imaging

Three-dimensional Displays in Biostereometrics
R. E. Herron, [1977]

A Spinning Mirror Auto-Stereoscopic Display
William Simon, Timothy Walters, [1977]

The Synthalyzer for Three-dimensional Synthesis, and Analysis by Optical Dissection
Roger L. de Montebello, [1977]

Three-dimensional Viewing of Tomographic Data - The Tomax System
Howard Mark, Fred Hull, [1977]

Direct Measurement of Red Blood Cell Profiles
Murray Eden, William A. Simon, [1977]

The Other Role of Vergence Eye Movements
Alexander I. Cogan, [1977]

Very High Resolution Stereoscopic Television
James F. Butterfield, [1977]

Optics and Photonics Applied to Three-Dimensional Imagery (1979)

Advances in Holography

One-step white-light transmission holography
Stephen A. Benton, Herbert S. Mingace, Jr., William R. Walter, [1979]

Reflection-transmission holograms and their application
E. Lioubimov, N. Kirillov, [1979]

Modulation mechanisms in the holographic display
N. J. Phillips, P. G. Gwynn, A. A. Ward, [1979]

Holographic image degradation due to wavefront defects
O. D.D. Soares, A. M.P.L. Leite, [1979]

Devices, tuning and quality control in dichromated gelatin (DCG)
Richard Rallison, [1979]

Utilization of dichromated gelatin in holography
R. Gzrimala, C. Liegeois, [1979]

Distortions of reconstructed images from cylindrical holographic stereograms
K. Okada, T. Honda, J. Tsuhiuchi, [1979]

3-D Imaging Without Laser

On the comparison of the sensitivity in ordinary photographic recording in holography
V. B. Konstantinov, [1979]

Survey of three-dimensional television
James F. Butterfield, [1979]

Lenticular sheet 3-D pictures and 3-D projections
A. Marraud, M. Bonnet, A. Rambourg, [1979]

Art and 3-D Imaging Understanding

Axiomatic system theory and optical images
Giovanna Crosta, [1979]

Exposes on Architectural Images

Architectural images
Xavier Luccioni, [1979]

New representation techniques and architectural representation
Annie Forgia, [1979]

The real and its holgraphic double
Gerard Rabinovitch, [1979]

Representation arts
Pierre Saddy, [1979]

Processing and Display of Three-Dimensional Data (1982)

Survey of Three-Dimensional Perception and Display

Texton theory of two-dimensional and three-dimensional vision
Bela Julesz, [1982]

Computer techniques for the representation of three-dimensional data on a two-dimensional display
Gabor T. Herman, R. Anthony Reynolds, Jayaram K. Udupa, [1982]

Survey of holographic stereograms
Stephen A. Benton, [1982]

Stereoscopic displays
Bruce Lane, [1982]

Stereoscopic Displays and Processing

Real-time depth measurement in a stereoscopic television display
M. Robinson, S. C. Sood, [1982]

Viewpoint dependent imaging: an interactive stereoscopic display
Scott Fisher, [1982]

Target identification using three-dimensional features
C. M. Bjorklund, R. S. Loe, [1982]

Application of an n-dimensional algebra to processing battlefield obscuration stereo-pair video data
Robert E. De Kinder, George G. Blackman, Laurie Gibson, [1982]

Transmission and storage bandwidth reduction for spatial image data associated with three-dimensional television systems with parallax
Daniel H. Hudgins, [1982]

Processing of multidimensional signals by coherent optics
Richard Bamler, Josef Hofer-Alfeis, [1982]


Application of holographic stereograms to three-dimensional data display
Lloyd Huff, Richard L. Fusek, [1982]

Construction, display, and manipulation of three-dimensional models of biopolymers
Robert Charles Ladner, [1982]

Interactive three-dimensional computer space
Christopher Schmandt, [1982]

Computer animation of three-dimensional time-varying meterological fields
Richard Grotjahn, [1982]

Digital holographic displays of medical CT images
Robert J. Perlmutter, Joseph W. Goodman, Albert Macovski, [1982]

Design of and imagine editing with a space-filling three-dimensional display based on a standard raster graphics system
Henry Fuchs, Stephen M. Pizer, E. Ralph Heinz, Sandra H. Bloomberg, Li-Ching Tsai, Dorothy C. Strickland, [1982]

True Three-Dimensional Displays and Processing

Digital perspective correction for cylindrical holographic stereograms
Stephen M. Jaffey, Kalyan Dutta, [1982]

True three-dimensional display of computer data
Hank Stover, [1982]

Clinical verifocal mirror display system at the University of Utah
Steven A. Johnson, Robert Anderson, [1982]

Multiple exposure holographic display of CT medical data
Kristina M. Johnson, Lambertus Hesselink, Joseph W. Goodman, [1982]

Interactive three-dimensional display and interpretation of a complex physical model
David Fisher, G. H.F. Gardner, H. R. Nelson, Jr., Richard Verm, [1982]

Two-pass warp algorithm for hardware implementation
Michael Shantz, [1982]

Optics in Entertainment [Three-Dimensional Imaging Session Only] (1983)

Three-Dimensional Imaging

Photographic holography
S. A. Benton, [1983]

Review of color holography
K. Bazargan, [1983]

Mass produced holograms for the entertainment industry
S. P. McGrew, [1983]

Psychophysical assessment of depth in holographic images
A. H. Frey, R. D. Frey, [1983]

The history of stereoscopy in art, science, and entertainment
L. Parker, [1983]

3-D television without glasses: on standard bandwidth
R. B. Collender, [1983]

White-light transmission color holographic imaging
F. T.S. Yu, G. Gerhart, [1983]

Three-Dimensional Imaging (1983)

Holography I

Binocular depth perception
G. Hermans, [1983]

On the fundamentals of 3-D display
A. W. Lohmann, N. Streibl, [1983]

Holography and other 3D techniques: actual developments and impact on business
J. -L. Tribillon, [1983]

Colour reflection holography
N. J. Phillips, [1983]

The laser button: a novel approach to the large scale replication of holograms
J. J. Cowen, [1983]

Multiplex holograms made of computer processed images
K. Okada, T. Honda, J. Tsujiuchi, [1983]

Three-dimensional imaging with holographic stereograms
L. Huff, J. S. Loomis, [1983]

Multicolor holography of animated scenes by motion synthesis using a multiplexing technique
N. Aebischer, C. Bainier, [1983]

Hologram copying in dichromated gelatin with sunlight
J. Oliva, A. Fimia, J. A. Quintana, [1983]

Holography II

Designing holographic optical elements (HOE) with large space-bandwidth product
Fura-Tzahn Tsai, Ming-Wen Chan, [1983]

Influence of spatial and temporal coherence on holography
J. P.L. Ebbeni, F. DeSchryver, [1983]

Spatial 3-D image projection system of holograms and objects
K. X. Xu, [1983]

Holographic display devices
L. Hesselink, K. M. Johnson, R. J. Perlmutter, [1983]

Time smear corrected multiplex holographic display of computerized tomography data
K. Dutta, S. M. Jaffey, [1983]

Joint transform real time optical correlator using a noncrystalline film of As2S3
T. Wang, H. Zheng, [1983]

Other 3-D Optical Methods I

Compatible 3-D television: the state of the art
K. Balasubramonian, K. P. Rajappan, [1983]

Analysis of selected volumetric 3-D imaging systems
K. Balasubramonian, S. Gunasekaran, K. P. Rajappan, N. Nithiyanandam, [1983]

The hologram as an electronic display
H. J. Caulfield, [1983]

Some simple means of realizing 3D images with standard material in diverse fields of medicine, industry and research
B. Jequier, [1983]

Problems of the use of lenticular screens in tri-dimensional television
M. Chauvierre, [1983]

Restitution of a stereoscopic picture by means of a lenticular sheet
A. Marraud, M. Bonnet, [1983]

Transmission of tri-dimensional moving pictures
J. Guichard, [1983]

Flat panel displays for 3-D imaging
J. -N Perbet, [1983]

A liquid crystal sandwich screen for real-time 3-D color display
N. Nithiyanandam, [1983]

Other 3-D Optical Methods II

Three-dimensional images on the cycloramic display
W. Dultz, [1983]

Three-dimensional radiography from conventional exposures taken at different angles
A. Monfils, M. Henrist, [1983]

Calibration and depth resolution of a stereoscopic video display
M. Robinson, S. C. Sood, [1983]

True three-dimensional display of computer generated images
H. Stover, J. Fletcher, [1983]

Research issues involved in applying stereoscopic television to remotely operated vehicles
R. L. Pepper, R. E. Cole, E. H. Spain, J. E. Sigurdson, [1983]

A three-dimensional image of the cerebral blood vessels and tumor for use in stereotactic neurosurgery
P. Suetens, J. Gybeis, A. Oosterlinck, A. Haegemans, P. Dierckx, [1983]

A 3-dimensional real-time animation system
O. G. Fahlander, [1983]

Differential operator for three-dimensional imaging
A. W. Lohmann, J. Ojada-Castaneda, N. Streibl, [1983]

Optics in Entertainment II [Holography and Three-Dimensional Imaging Sessions only] (1984)


Reflection mounts for transmissions holograms: format compatibility issues
S. A. Benton, [1984]

Large format holograms in entertainment applications
C. Outwater, A. Robinson, E. van Hamersveld, [1984]

Multi-color holography with a single frequency laser utilizing triethanolarnine as a pre-exposure agent
S. L. Smith, T. Cvetkovich, [1984]

Natural color holographic stereograms by superimposing three rainbow holograms
W. J. Molteni, [1984]

The Newport Button: the large scale replication of combined three- and two-dimensional holographic images
J. J. Cowan, [1984]

Some optical schemes for display and demonstration
M. V.R.K. Murty, [1984]

Three-Dimensional Imaging

An overview of three-dimensional motion picture camera systems
C. Condon, [1984]

Three-dimensional cinematography
S. P. Hines, [1984]

Stereoscope 3-D special effects single-camera single-film system
J. A. Rupkalvis, [1984]

Visual tasks requiring 3-D stereoscopic displays
J. O. Merritt, [1984]

VISIDEP: A three-dimensional imaging system for the unaided eye
A. P. McLaurin, E. R. Jones, L. Cathey, [1984]

Three-dimensional projection with circular polarizers
V. Walworth, S. Bennett, G. Trapani, [1984]

Processing and Display of Three-Dimensional Data II (1984)

Survey of Three-Dimensional Perception, Processing and Display

An analysis of 3-D display strategies
T. F. Budinger, [1984]

SDF Control of correlation plane structure for 3-D object representation and recognition
W. -T. Chang, D. Casasent, D. Fetterly, [1984]

Interactive display of 3D-images in PICAP II
R. Lenz, P. -E. Danielsson, B. Gunmundsson, [1984]

Interactive manipulation of 3D data via a 2D display device
L. -S. Chen, G. T. Herman, H. -M. Hung, H. Levkowitz, S. S. Trivedi, J. K. Udupa, [1984]

Display and analysis of tomographic volumetric images utilizing a vari-focal mirror
L. D. Harris, J. J. Camp, [1984]

Applications I

The diagnostic radiological utilization of 3-D display images
L. T. Cook, S. J. Dwyer, III, D. F. Preston, S. Batnitzky, K. R. Lee, [1984]

3D graphics for interactive surgical simulation and implant design
P. Dev, L. L. Fellingham, A. Vassiliadis, S. T. Woolson, D. N. White, S. L. Young, [1984]

Calculation of correction angles of 3-dimensional vertebral rotations based on bi-plane x-ray
T. Tamaki, E. Umezaki, M. Yamagata, S. -I. Inoue, [1984]

Acronym model based vision in the intelligent task automation project
H. S. Lim, C. K. Cowan, D. M. Chelberg, [1984]

The evaluation function of minimum resolvable scattering difference for active coherent imaging system
M. Kondo, T. Kirimoto, Y. Ohashi, [1984]


Display of moving volumetric images
D. G. Jansson, R. P. Kosowsky, [1984]

High-speed interaction on a vibrating mirror 3D display
P. H. Mills, H. Fuchs, S. M. Pizer, [1984]

Stereoscopic electro-optic shutter CRT displays - a basic approach
J. A. Roess, [1984]

Binocular symmetries as criteria for the successful transmission of images in the StereoDimensional brand stereoscopic video system
L. Lipton, [1984]

Holographic 3D image preprocessor for welding control feedback
M. Slater, R. J. Blake, [1984]

Geometric modeling with image place integral (IPI) holography
D. C.L. Lacy, [1984]

Applications II

Processing and display for multi-dimensional thunderstorm measurements
C. G. Mohr, R. L. Vaughan, [1984]

Optical analysis software as an application for three-dimensional display
M. F. Abernathy, [1984]

Three-dimensional displays in the future flight station
A. L. Bridges, [1984]

Digital reconstruction methods for three-dimensional image visualization
S. M. Jaffey, K. Dutta, L. Hesselink, [1984]

Application of vanishing points to 3-D measurement
H. Nakatani, R. S. Weiss, E. M. Riseman, [1984]

Perspective stereograms for civil engineering
G. Manzoni, G. Bidoli, G. Manzoni, [1984]

3D frame buffers for interactive analysis of 3D data
G. M. Hunter, [1984]

True Three-Dimensional Imaging Techniques and Display Technologies (1987)

Three-Dimensional Imaging

Methods for electronic 3D moving pictures without glasses
R. B. Collender, [1987]

Liquid-crystal video stereoscope with high extinction ratios, a 28% transmission state and a 100 ms switching
T. J. Haven, [1987]

The chromostereoscopic process: a novel single image stereoscopic process
R. A. Steenblik, [1987]

Progress in projection of parallax panoramagrams onto wide-angle lenticular screens
R. Borner, [1987]

Generating images for a time-multiplexed stereoscopic computer graphics system
J. Baker, [1987]

Alcove holograms for computer-aided design
S. A. Benton, [1987]

Human Factors Issues in 3D Display Systems

Initial investigation into user acceptance of VISIDEP three-dimensional technology
A. P. McLaurin, E. R. Jones, Jr., L. Cathey, [1987]

3D displays and eye movements
K. D. White, C. B. Woods, L. K. Cormack, [1987]

Factors affecting ghosting in time-multiplexed planostereoscopic CRT display systems
L. Lipton, [1987]

Stereoscopic perception
R. E. Clapp, [1987]

Photointerpreter evaluation of hyperstereographic forward looking infrared (FLIR) sensory imagery
T. M. Lippert, E. T. Benser, [1987]

Visual-motor realism in 3D teleoperator display systems
J. O Merritt, [1987]

Evaluation of input devices for 3D computer display workstations
R. J. Beaton, R. J. DeHoff, N. Weiman, P. W. Hildebrandt, [1987]

Three-dimensional stereographic pictorial visual interfaces and display systems in flight simulation
A. L. Bridges, J. M. Reising, [1987]

Novel Methods for 3D Viewing

Radiologic applications in holography
D. C.L. Lacey, [1987]

LCD pupil expansion for stereo viewing
B. M. Radl, [1987]

Use of lenses to enhance depth perception
L. Noble, [1987]

Single-source three-dimensional imaging from a moving platform
E. R. Jones, Jr., L. Cathey, A. P. McLaurin, [1987]

True three-dimensional animation in motion pictures
C. A. Mayhew, [1987]

3D Applications

Maintenance of 3D scene databases using the analytical imagery matching system (AIMS)
S. T. Hovey, [1987]

Three-dimensional display for quality control of digital cartographic data
L. F. Hodges, D. F. McAllister, [1987]

Three-dimensional display of radiation therapy planning
L. T. Cook, K. R. Lee, E. P. Cytacki, S. J. Dwyer, III, [1987]

High definition graphics application in fluid flow simulations
G. Bancroft, F. Merritt, P. Buning, V. Watson, [1987]

3D scene generation on a shared memory parallel processor
R. F. Kelly, [1987]

Digital generation of stereoscopic perspective scenes
A. Whiteside, M. Ellis, B. Haskell, [1987]

True four-dimensional graphics laboratory for nongeometric grid-based data
S. E. Wixson, R. C. Garrett, F. J. Sinak, [1987]

Three-Dimensional Imaging and Remote Sensing Imaging (1988)

3-D Imaging: New Technologies and Novel Techniques

Varifocal mirror display integrated into a high-speed image processor
L. D. Harris, [1988]

SpaceGraph, a true 3-D PC peripheral
L. D. Sher, [1988]

Nineteen-inch parallactiscope
H. B. Tilton, [1988]

Collimated view multiplexing: a new approach to 3-D
J. S. Kollin, [1988]

Push-pull liquid crystal modulator for electronic stereoscopic display
L. Lipton, A. Berman, [1988]

Chromostereoscopic CRT-based display
L. F. Hodges, D. F. McAllister, [1988]

3-D Imaging: Human Factors Issues in 3-D Display Settings

Often-overlooked advantages of 3-D displays
J. O. Merritt, [1988]

Effects of long-term viewing of VISIDEP 3-D television
A. P. McLaurin, E. R. Jones, Jr., [1988]

User evaluation of cursor-positioning devices for 3-D display workstations
R. J. Beaton, N. Weiman, [1988]

Advanced concepts in device input for 3-D display
R. P. Burton, S. C. Becker, J. A. Broekhuijsen, B. J. Hale, A. E. Richardson, [1988]

3-D displays and user interface design for a radiation therapy treatment planning CAD tool
C. E. Mosher, Jr., G. W. Sherouse, E. L. Chaney, J. G. Rosenman, [1988]

3-D Imaging: Applications

Implementation of true 3-D cursors in computer graphics
D. R.W. Butts, D. F. McAllister, [1988]

3-D measurements from video stereo pairs
M. A. Weissman, [1988]

Human hand model calibration using 3-D reconstruction from multiple silhouette views
E. Petajan, D. Baraff, J. Weil, [1988]

Holographic stereograms generated with a liquid crystal spatial light modulator
J. R. Andrews, B. Tuttle, M. Rainsdon, R. Damm, K. Thomas, W. E. Haas, [1988]

Algorithms and display techniques for 4-D Cartesian graphics
R. P. Burton, [1988]

3-D display of magnetic resonance imaging of the spine
A. C. Nelson, Y. Kim, R. M. Haralick, P. A. Anderson, R. H. Johnson, L. A. DeSoto, [1988]

Managing windows as transparent PAGEs in a stereoscopic display
S. E. Wixson, M. E. Sloane, [1988]

Imagine Processing for Remote Sensing

Automated segmentation of pseudoinvariant features from multispectral imagery
C. Salvaggio, J. R. Schott, [1988]

Multimodality imaging, expert, and biomechanical systems used in cranial facial pain
R. C. Taylor, [1988]

Image processing system for automatic retina diagnosis
N. Katz, M. Goldbaum, M. Nelson, S. Chaudhuri, [1988]

Automatic frequency control of pulsed CO2 lasers
R. J. Nordstrom, [1988]

Information extraction from multimodality medical imaging
B. L. Engelstad, H. J. Meyer, W. A. Hanson, W. O'Connell, R. C. Taylor, R. Bernstein, [1988]

Computerized analysis and information extraction of medical magnetic resonance images (MRI)
R. L. DeLaPaz, R. Bernstein, [1988]

Three-Dimensional Visualization and Display Technologies (1989)

Non-Holographic True Three-Dimensional Display Technologies

Stereoscopic CAD and environmental sculpture: enhancement of the design process in the visual arts
Robert N. Fisher, Pier Luigi Bandini, [1989]

Stereo TV improves remote manipulator performance
Robert E. Cole, Donna L. Parker, [1989]

Experience with stereoscopic display devices and output algorithms
James S. Lipscomb, [1989]

Voice-controlled stereographic video camera system
Georgianna D. Goode, Michael L. Philips, [1989]

Exploring virtual worlds with head-mounted displays

James C. Chung, Mark R. Harris, Frederick P. Brooks, Henry Fuchs, Michael T. Kelley, John W. Hughes, Ming Ouh-young,
Clement Cheung, Richard L. Hollow [1989]

Low cost design alternatives for head-mounted stereoscopic displays
Stephen W. Martin, Richard C. Hutchinson, [1989]

Novel Approaches for Three-Dimensional Display

Chromostereoscopic microscopy
Richard A. Steenblik, [1989]

Computer-generated barrier-strip autostereography
Daniel J. Sandin, Ellen Sandor, William T. Cunnally, Mark Resch, Thomas A. DeFanti, Maxine D. Brown, [1989]

Everyman's real-time real 3-D
Homer B. Tilton, [1989]

Parallax barrier 3-D TV
Ian Sexton, David Crawford, [1989]

Compatibility of stereoscopic video systems with broadcast television standards
Lenny Lipton, [1989]

Computer-generated lenticular stereograms
Shaun T. Love, David F. McAllister, [1989]

Three-Dimensional Processing and Display for Visualization I

Three-dimensional measurement, display, and interpretation of fluid flow data sets
Minami Yoda, Lambertus Hesselink, [1989]

Environment for distributed visualization
H. Stephen Anderson, John A. Berton, Barbara Helfer Dean, [1989]

VERITAS visualization environment research in the applied sciences
Alessandro Giacalone, Jack Heller, Arie Kaufman, Michael Kifer, Philip M. Lewis, Prateek Mishra, I. V. Ramakrishnan, Scott A. Smolka,, D. S. Warren, [1989]

Statistical characteristics of stereoscopic images for image coding
Hiroyuki Yamaguchi, Yasushi Tatehira, Kenji Akiyama, Yukio Kobayashi, [1989]

Three-Dimensional Processing and Display for Visualization II

Automated analysis of fluid flow technology
James L. Helman, Lambertus Hesselink, [1989]

Visualization of complex data
Edward J. Farrell, Zaphiris D. Christidis, [1989]

Tools for 3-D scientific visualization in computational aerodynamics at NASA/Ames Research Center
Gordon Bancroft, Todd Plessel, Fergus Merritt, Val R. Watson, [1989]

Unified approach to the design of visualization software for the analysis of field problems
Robert R. Dickinson, [1989]

Three-dimensional optical tomographic measurements of mixing fluids
Ray Snyder, Lambertus Hesselink, [1989]

Cube system as a 3-D medical workstation
Arie Kaufman, R. Bakalash, [1989]

User Interface Issues in Visualization

Using electronic stereoscopic color displays: limits of fusion and depth discrimination
Yei-Yu Yeh, Louis D. Silverstein, [1989]

Perceptual issues in scientific visualization
Mary K. Kaiser, Dennis R. Proffitt, [1989]

Optimal display factors in stereoscopic TV images for human stereoscopic vision
Yasushi Tatehira, Hiroyuki Yamaguchi, Kenji Akiyama, Yukio Kobayashi, [1989]

Visions of visualization aides: design philosophy and observations
Stephen R. Ellis, [1989]

UIMX: a user interface management system for scientific computing with x windows
Michael Foody, [1989]

Scientific work environments in the next decade
Julian E. Gomez, [1989]

Visualization Applications

Alternative representation of visual space
Aries R. Arditi, [1989]

Digital perspective generation and stereo display of composite ocean bottom and coastal terrain images
Kirk G. Smedley, Barry K. Haines, David L. Van Vactor, Michael Jordan, [1989]

Visualization management system approach to visualization in scientific computing
David M. Butler, Michael H. Pendley, [1989]

GeoRGE-3D: A minicomputer-based system for interactive 3-D rendering of digital environmental data sets
Thomas H. Vonder Haar, Donald L. Reinke, Sohail S. Naqvi, [1989]

Visualization tools for industrial design problems applied to electron optics
Joanna R. Alexander, Dennis J. Bechis, Normal Winarsky, R. Alonso, D. Laur, [1989]

Alternative views of a hurricane
Robert E. Marshall, Peter G. Carswell, [1989]

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